Ms. Kalista from Uganda underwent Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Ms. Kalista from Uganda underwent Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey
  • Patient Name : Kalista Adong
  • From Country : Uganda
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Kidney Transplant Surgery
  • Hospital : Medicana Camlica, Istanbul

I am quite content with the treating doctor and the surgery outcome. I am also impressed with the doctors and nursing staff at Medicana Camlica Hospital for their outstanding service.
I am also very pleased with the services that MediGence provided and do appreciate how quickly MediGence reached out to me and helped in getting appointments and airport pick-up fixed.
I would also like to mention how professional and helpful MediGence has been with my needs and medical treatment. The follow-up treatment and medical travel experience in Turkey have also been par excellence.


Ms. Kalista Adong, 48, from Uganda, was suffering from Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and was willing to undergo a kidney transplant. Ms. Adong took to the internet in order to seek advice on doctors and hospitals. During her search, she found MediGence, a global medical travel platform. Ms. Adong found the packages offered within her budget. Her query on the MediGence website was promptly answered by a MediGence representative who asked her for more details about her diagnosis and clinical status. She shared the requested details and thereafter spoke to the patient advisor from MediGence to give further details about her condition. Some of the finest doctors and hospitals from various countries were presented to her by the patient advisory team. Post a virtual consultation with the doctor via videoconferencing, wherein the doctor was very helpful, patient decided to go ahead with Medicana Camlica, Istanbul, Turkey and Dr. Murat Tuncer. In addition to this, she also shared her medical reports and complete medical history with the specialist and the team for analysis.

Pre-treatment and Process

Ms. Adong’s medical visa was processed in collaboration with MediGence and the hospital. She submitted an application for a visa and received it in a short time. She chose the MediGence-recommended hotel based on her budget. Ms. Adong arrived in Istanbul on September 7, 2021, with her kidney donor, her son, and attendant. Team MediGence greeted her at the airport and took care of all of her lodging arrangements. The MediGence staff made certain that the patient had access to the greatest hotel amenities. The patient was taken to the hospital by MediGence for a consultation with Dr. Murat Tuncer. The day after her arrival in the country, Ms. Kalista Adong visited the hospital to meet the specialist and their team. Post initial checkups, she was admitted to the hospital. Completing all medical examinations, the doctor told the patient to get a few diagnostic tests for better preparation of the procedure.

As the patient was getting nervous about the surgery, she wanted to speak to the doctor. The Patient Manager from MediGence was by her side all this while to make her feel easy so that she is completely ready to undergo the procedure. The MediGence team scheduled visits for the doctor, assisted her with billing issues, and offered advice.

The patient underwent all the required tests which gave a clearer picture to the surgeon and helped him in better understanding her present health status to better prepare for the procedure and the plan for post operative recovery. Following a comprehensive understanding of the medical reports, Dr. Murat Tuncer explained to Ms. Adong about the treatment outline. Post the counseling regarding the procedure by her doctor, she was better prepared for the procedure. Kidney Transplant was done successfully without any complications for the patient as well as the donor.

To avoid any complications, the patient was thoroughly watched after surgery. Ms. Kalista Adong had a quick recovery because of the great treatment provided by hospital staff, regular monitoring, and excellent care. She spent 15 days in the hospital and 45 days in Turkey. Following the procedure, Ms. Adong was discharged from the hospital.


The patient shifted base to the hotel thereon wherein she continued her medications and post-treatment counseling. Dr. Murat Tuncer provided exceptional post operative care and was hands-on with the post procedural counseling. MediGence went to great lengths to ensure that the patient had the finest possible care. Everything was made easier, from hospital transfers to airport pick-ups to medical appointments. Ms. Kalista Adong thanked MediGence immensely and stated that she was delighted with the doctor and the procedure’s therapeutic outcome. She expressed her gratitude to the doctors at Medicana Camlica, Istanbul for the pre-surgery consultation. Ms. Adong also commended MediGence for their unwavering help throughout her treatment, from selecting the finest surgeon and hospital to obtaining a visa and scheduling appointments. We wished a happy and healthy future to Ms. Kalista Adong.

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