Mr. Mohammad Shahoor Underwent Hip Preservation Surgery at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, India

Mr. Mohammad Shahoor Underwent Hip Preservation Surgery at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • Patient Name : Mr. Mohammad Shahoor
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Hip Preservation Surgery
  • Hospital : Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

The surgical result and the treating physician have both greatly pleased me. I am appreciative of Dr. Puneet Mishra and his staff at Fortis Hospital for the pre-surgery counseling and consultations. I sincerely appreciate all of MediGence’s assistance, which began with matching me with the ideal physician and continuing through to scheduling consultations, hospital visits, hotel stays, and airport transfers.

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Mr. Mohammad Shahoor, a man of 38 years old, arrived from Mauritius to receive medical attention for a hip preservation surgery. At that point, he contacted the experts at MediGence, who helped him through the entire procedure. The physician who conducted consultations via MediGence advised him to have hip replacement surgery. Even the hospital transfer, airport pickup, lodging arrangements for her and her mother, and hospital checkups were handled by the group.

One of the top orthopedic surgeons in New Delhi, Dr. Puneet Mishra is well-known among his patients for providing compassionate, individualized care. Dr. Puneet graduated with his MBBS and MS in orthopedics from Maulana Azad Medical College in 1996 and 2000, respectively. Dr. Pankaj has worked with some of the world’s best medical facilities for nearly 23 years. These include University Hospital in Bern, Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, Endoklinik in Germany, and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital in New Delhi, where he is a professor and consultant orthopedician.

By offering specializations within their current departments, the multispecialty Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, achieves the pinnacle of attentive and high-quality care. It is the biggest hospital under the Fortis group’s network, having opened for business in 2010. People from nearby states as well as residents frequent Fortis Shalimar Bagh, which is situated in the center of North Delhi. Those coming from nearby states can reach the hospital via the Karnal and Rohtak roads. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has given the hospital facility a 3-star rating. It was awarded the 2014 FICCI HEAL award for its outstanding branding, marketing, and image building. It has been accredited by NABH for quality standard maintenance.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

The patient was greeted by the attending physician upon arrival at the hospital. The patient and her mother were made aware of the next steps by the doctor and the medical staff as soon as he relaxed. Pre-operative testing included blood tests for hemoglobin, white blood and platelet counts, electrolyte levels, renal function, blood grouping, cross-match, ECG, urine test, hip and chest X-rays, and clotting profiles—all of which were performed on the patient. The process started when the evaluation test results were verified. First, the patient was given an anesthetic. Subsequent to this, he underwent surgery to remove the damaged bone and cartilage and implant the prosthetic socket into his pelvic bone.

After the procedure, the patient remained in the hospital for one or two days while being closely monitored. After the procedure, which had no complications or side effects, the patient was released from the hospital and instructed to follow up with the physician for a predetermined period of time, preferably during the first three weeks of recuperation.

A surgical procedure known as “hip preservation” can postpone or stop the development of arthritis and the eventual requirement for a hip replacement. Usually, older folks were the ones who underwent the treatments. Hip preservation, on the other hand, is a relatively novel treatment being utilized on younger patients with significant hip pain.

Post Treatment

Even though MediGence oversaw his post-treatment consultations, Mr. Mohammad Shahoor received assistance from MediGence throughout the entire procedure. The patient had an easy recovery and the treatment was a full success. For 4 days in the hospital and for two weeks, Mr. Mohammad Shahoor recuperated in India. MediGence oversaw the complete process from start to finish, assisting the patient with the travel, transfer, treatment, and recovery phase following the procedure.


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