The meniscus is a part of the cartilage that acts as a pillow for the joint of the knee. An injury to the meniscus can result in ache, inflexibility, inflammation, and problem while moving. Proper rest and medications can result in the solving of small tears but surgery is much required when it's heavy damage. A surgeon recommends a surgical procedure when there is a huge meniscus tear. After the surgery, the damage is healed naturally. Before the surgery the surgeon tests whether the damage can be healed naturally or not. If the tear is enormous in nature then a surgical procedure has to be opted for. If the surgeon asks you to undergo the surgery then physical examinations are performed to assess the severity of the tear and accordingly pain medications are given. A number of tests have to be done before the surgery is performed like blood tests, X-Rays, MRI, EKG, and medical anaesthesia which makes you ready for the surgical procedure.

Meniscectomy in the United Arab Emirates

The cost of meniscectomy surgery in Dubai is much lesser when compared to European countries. UAE has become one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations by patients from all across the globe because of its affordable costs and medical amenities. Apart from these, the country can be easily reached from all corners of the world. To perform meniscus surgery in UAE the doctors and the medical professionals are rigorously trained and then only they receive a medical license.

Cost Comparison

The meniscus surgery cost depends on a variety of factors like the method of surgery used, type of anaesthesia used, and much more. Apart from this, hospitals keep on offering attractive packages to patients. The cost of meniscectomy starts from USD 4000.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

4 Day in Hospital

6 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 6806


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