Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery is performed to mitigate constrain from the median nerve. This surgery will help improve indications of carpal tunnel syndrome. After a whole lot of tests and physical examinations if it is confirmed that you are diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then your doctor has two options in hand- the nonsurgical therapy and surgical therapy. The nonsurgical treatment will help the patient if the condition is diagnosed at an early stage. The doctor might suggest you opt for wrist splinting, or may prescribe drugs and injections to relieve the pain for a short duration of time. Though the surgery will not land you up in a series of risks there remains a 1% risk that comes up with the surgery. The main complications include hampering of the median nerve and its branches, injury to the ulnar nerve, injury to the artery in the palm of your hand, frozen palm or fingers, rigid finger, ongoing pain, side effects of medications and much more.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Singapore

Surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome Singapore includes two techniques- endoscopic surgery and open surgery. In endoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes use of a telescope-like instrument with a small hole fastened to it to check your carpal tunnel. The surgeon makes one or two slits on the hand or the wrist to cut the ligament. It involves a less amount of pain when compared to open surgery. With open surgery comes pain which stays for a period of one to two weeks. A slit is made in the palm of your hand right over the carpal tunnel and slits through the ligament.

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