A brow lift is also known as forehead lift and is done to change the appearance of the forehead. In the procedure, the brow is held up to prevent sinking of the forehead and the brows due to the increase in age. With the help of this surgery, the position of the brows is also corrected thereby boosting the self-confidence of a person. When your eyebrows are positioned on the lower side then you tend to appear fatigued, stressed, and unhappy. In that case, an eyebrow lift is necessary so as to make changes to your appearance. When you visit your doctor with such an issue then, first of all, he will go through your medical history to check whether you have any health complications which might prove detrimental for your health. A physical examination is performed with your eyes open and closed and also takes into account the different areas of your face.

Forehead Lift Surgery in Thailand

The medical professionals and the doctors are highly accomplished and trained rigorously before they are allowed to perform any kind of surgery in Thailand. The hospitals are well-equipped and all forms of modern devices are used for the safety of the patients. The cost of brow lift surgery in Thailand is affordable and budget-friendly when compared to the western countries.

Cost comparison

The cost of the surgery in Thailand depends on a number of factors like the age of the patient, medical complications, kind of hospital and doctor opted for, etc. Hospitals in Thailand are always bringing out affordable packages for patients to reap the benefits out of it. The cost of forehead lift surgery in Thailand is USD 6747 approximately, and in the US the same ranges between $2500 to $5500.

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