Valve Replacement Surgery

An Aortic Valve Replacement is typically done as a treatment for aortic valve stenosis and aortic valve regurgitation procedures. This is where a flawed valve is replaced with an artificial valve. This is usually done via open-heart surgery but for a few selected patients, a less invasive procedure can be done. Surgeons may use a catheter procedure to replace the aortic valve in a few cases.

Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery depends on the surgeon, who will decide which type of valve will be used in a patient’s specific case which in turn determines which procedure needs to be used to put in the Mitral Valve Replacement. The doctor will administer general anesthesia while making a large incision across the chest to remove the flawed valve and replace it. The patient while in surgery will be fixed on a heart-lung machine that will circulate the blood outside the body to prevent the heart muscles from damage while the procedure occurs.

Valve Repair Surgery has become a much more minimally invasive procedure than it was before.

Valve Replacement Surgery in Singapore

AVR / MVR is performed by a Cardiologist. To become a cardiologist one may have to graduate from a university, then four more years of education at the medical school. After that, the medical license is obtained. The next three years involves training with a residency in internal medicine and then one must complete a cardiology fellowship that lasts for another three years.

Singapore offers the best hospitals like Parkway East Hospital and Raffles Hospital, amongst the other well-equipped hospitals and highly trained cardiologists who have gone under extensive training and are highly competent like Dr. Saw Huat Seong and Dr. Wu Dar Ching.

Cost Comparison

The cost of surgery ranges is around 11,000 USD to 27,500 USD, it is comparatively less than countries like the UK and US and Singapore has commendable amenities and the latest technology.

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