Maryam Underwent Colon Cancer Surgery in Burjeel Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Maryam Underwent Colon Cancer Surgery in Burjeel Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Patient Name : Maryam Asabe Adamu
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : Colon Cancer Surgery
  • Hospital : Burjeel Hospital, Dubai

My husband and I are both immensely grateful to the doctors at Burjeel Hospital for making the treatment comfortable and seamless. They held our hand throughout the counselling process and consultations which were done prior to the surgery.

Our special thanks to the team at MediGence who have helped us from the very beginning, from finding the right doctor, arranging all the consultations, managing our hospital appointments, and airport transfers.


When Maryam Asabe Adamu, 56, from Nigeria who was afflicted from colon cancer realised that she needed advanced care for her condition, she researched online and got in touch with representatives from MediGence. They helped her in liasoning for her consultations with Dr. J S Rajkumar from Burjeel Hospital Dubai who gave her the confidence to begin treatment.
She traveled to Dubai on 24 January 2021, and was accompanied by her husband. The stay in the hospital was for 5 days.

Pre-Treatment Process

As the patient was admitted, the doctor and the allied healthcare professionals in the hospital made her comfortable and at home. The team performed a complete checkup on Maryam Asabe Adamu. As a part of the same, she also underwent tests to reconfirm her diagnosis. These were colonoscopy (which involves using a scope for examining the inside of the colon), and related blood tests. Colon Cancer Surgery was then successfully performed to treat the ailment. The patient was satisfied with the result of the surgery and there were no complications.

Post Treatment Process

The post-procedure recovery period for Maryam Asabe Adamu was 14 days during which she stayed in Dubai. MediGence was with the patient through and through from organizing follow-up consultations to sharing stay options with the patient, to hospital transfer, airport pick-up, and hospital appointment coordination. It was a positive experience for the patient and her feedback summarised the relief that she felt after the resolution of a long-standing critical health issue.

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