Patient Testimonial | Kimani Kongo Underwent TURBT Surgery in Dubai, UAE

Patient Testimonial | Kimani Kongo Underwent TURBT Surgery in Dubai, UAE
  • Patient Name : Kimani Kongo
  • From Country : Kenya
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : TURBT Surgery
  • Hospital : Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

I was very happy with Dr. Daniel Minardi and his expertise. I was overall satisfied and happy with the Saudi German Hospital. I also appreciate MediGence’s excellent service.


Kimani Kongo, 57, from Kenya, had undergone surgery for TURBT in Kenya but it was not done successfully. He was looking for another TURBT procedure to get it done in Dubai.

Mr. Kimani was looking for a medical tourism company on the internet in order to seek advice on doctors and hospitals. During his search, where he found MediGence, a global medical travel platform. Mr. Kimani went through MediGence’s health packages and found them affordable and as per his budget. He dropped a query on their website. Mr. Kimani was taken by surprise when a person from MediGence responded to him very quickly and asked him to provide a few details. Kimani shared the requested details and then he received a call from MediGence to get some more information about his previous surgery. Mr. Kimani also shared his medical reports and complete medical history which were forwarded to doctors for evaluation.

The patient advisory team provided him with a list of the best doctors and hospitals from different countries. Mr. Kimani chose to consult Dr. Daniele Minardi at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai.

Kimani received an assessment from the best hospitals in Dubai. The treatment layout suggested by the doctor was comprehensive and as per his recommendations from his consultant surgeons in Kenya. Mr. Kimani wanted to speak to the doctor he chose to seek consultation in Dubai. MediGence assisted Kimani in setting up virtual consultation through videoconferencing with the doctor who was very cooperative. Finally, Kimani decided to move ahead with Dr. Daniele Minardi and Saudi German Hospital.

Pre-treatment and Process

MediGence coordinated with the hospital over the processing of the medical visa for Mr. Kimani. He applied for the Visa and received it in a week. He chose the hotel recommended by MediGence according to his budget. It was within walking distance of the hospital. Kimani reached Dubai on October 29, 2020, with his friend. He was welcomed at the airport by MediGence Team and all accommodation arrangements were done by the team. The MediGence team ensured that the patient was provided the best facilities at the hotel. MediGence took the patient to the hospital for consultation with Dr. Daniele Minardi. Mr. Kimani’s appointment with Dr. Daniele was booked in advance. On the second day of his arrival, Kimani visited the hospital to see Dr. Daniele. After initial checkups, he was admitted to the hospital. Completing all medical examinations, the doctor told Kimani to get a few diagnostic tests done to diagnose the condition.

Kimani was getting nervous about the surgery and he wanted to speak to the doctor. The Patient Manager from MediGence stood by his side to make him feel easy and prepare him mentally for the procedure. The MediGence team booked appointments with the doctor, helped him with billing queries, and also counseled him.

Kimani got all the suggested tests done. This helped the surgeon better understand his current health status and in turn design the best treatment plan. After going through the test reports thoroughly, the doctor educated Mr. Kimani about the necessary steps to be taken to prepare for the surgery. After being counseled about the procedure by his doctor, he decided to go ahead with the procedure. The surgery involved less risk and complications.

The surgery was performed successfully without much pain and complications. The patient was monitored closely post-surgery to prevent any type of complications. The excellent care delivered by the hospital staff, regular monitoring, and better care ensured that Mr. Kimani had a speedy recovery. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days and in Dubai for 10 days. Mr. Kimani was released from the hospital after he showed signs of recovery.


Post-surgery, Mr. Kimani was shifted to the hotel where he continued his medications and post-treatment counseling. Dr. Daniele provided excellent care and ensured the patient was safe and comfortable.

MediGence left no stone unturned in making sure that the patient received the best care. It facilitated everything right from hospital transfer, airport pick-up to doctor appointments.

Mr. Kimani expressed his immense gratitude to MediGence and said that he was completely satisfied with the doctor and the treatment result of the procedure. He was very thankful to the doctors at Saudi German Hospital for the counseling which was done just before surgery.

Mr. Kimani thanked MediGence for their outstanding support at every step of his treatment journey- right from choosing the best surgeon and the hospital to getting visa to booking appointments.

Team MediGence wishes Mr. Kimani a happy and healthy future

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Get The Best Doctors for TURBT Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Issam Al Majdalawi

Urinary Specialist - Urosurgeon

Prime Hospital , Dubai,United Arab Emirates

20 Years of experience

Doctor Profile Overview

One of the finest Urosurgeon in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Issam Al Majdalawi has worked with several world class multidisciplinary hospitals over the years. Dr. Issam Al Majdalawi has over 20 years of experience in his field. The doctor treats and manages a wide range of conditions such as Male Sterilization or Contraception, Prostate Cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Qualification and Expe... View bio

Sanjay Bhat H

Urinary Specialist - Urosurgeon

Prime Hospital , Dubai,United Arab Emirates

20 Years of experience

Doctor Profile Overview

One of the finest Urosurgeon in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Sanjay Bhat H has worked with several world class multidisciplinary hospitals over the years. A doctor with outstanding credentials, the medical specialist is known to guarantee efficiency and safety when performing different kinds of procedures as he keeps abreast of latest developments in his specialty. The specialist holds a very degree of ... View bio

Manohar Mamani

Urinary Specialist - Urosurgeon

NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Nahda , Dubai,United Arab Emirates

20 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience of Dr. Manohar Mamani

Dr. Manohar Mamani is a distinguished urologist with around 14 years of experience in treating various urological diseases. He has a special interest in pediatric urology and prostate health. Dr. Manohar Mamani believes in delivering high-quality and innovative patient-centric urologic care. Throughout his illustrious career, he has dealt with many complex cases and has gained skill... View bio

Tameer Ali Ali Abouelgreed

Urinary Specialist - Urologist

NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah , Sharjah,United Arab Emirates

18 Years of experience

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Kindly see the various conditions that Dr. Tameer Ali Ali Abouelgreed treats.:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • End-Stage Renal Disease
  • Stones in the Kidney or Ureter
  • Polycystic Kidneys
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Failure
  • Glomerulonephritis

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Sleiman Gebran

Urinary Specialist - General Laparoscopic Surgeon, Urosurgeon

NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City , Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

25 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr Sleiman Gebran is a distinguished doctor who is currently the Hod and consultant of paediatrics at the NMC Royal Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He obtained his medical degree from the French Medical Faculty at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. He then pursued a residency and fellowship... View bio

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