Patient Testimonial | Mr. Assad Underwent knee replacement surgery in LIV Hospital Ulus, Turkey

Patient Testimonial | Mr. Assad Underwent knee replacement surgery in LIV Hospital Ulus, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Assad Ahmed Nurudin
  • From Country : Somalia
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Hospital : LIV Hospital Ulus

I am completely satisfied with the treating doctor and the surgery outcome. My son is grateful to Dr. Erden Erturer and his team at LIV Hospital for the counseling and consultations which were done before surgery. And also a huge thank you is in order for MediGence and their team who have been a saviour in every way possible.


When 89 years old Mr. Nurudin was suffering from knee pains and also having difficulty in walking, he got in touch with MediGence professionals online who connected him with the best Orthopedic Specialist. Post consultations, the patient realised that a knee replacement surgery for both knees will help him with getting to a recovery status of no pain and increased mobility.

Mr. Assad Ahmed Nurudin travelled from Somalia on 4 February 2021 and stayed in the hospital for 7 Days. He was accompanied by his son and was admitted to LIV Hospital Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Erden Erturer was his consulting and treating Orthopedic specialist who planned and executed a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement procedure for him. Dr. Erden Erturer has over two decades of experience as an Orthopedics Specialist – Orthopedic Surgeon, Knee Replacement Surgeon in Turkey, Hip Replacement Surgeon in Turkey. The doctor also further specialises in the fields of Spinal surgery, Sports medicine, Foot diseases, Orthopedic Oncology, Orthopedic traumatology, Joint and prosthesis surgery, and Hand surgery.

LIV Hospital, Ulus, Turkey is a fine healthcare institution with sleek infrastructure, latest equipment and is equipped with technologically advanced innovations.

Pre-Treatment & Process

Before getting admitted to the LIV Hospital, Ulus, Turkey, the patient was asked to keep a few things in mind and apply them well.

  • Remove or decrease medications
  • Remove or decrease tobacco use
  • Check with specialists
  • Remove or decrease alcohol use
  • Report illness to the doctor and his team, if any

The stay of the patient in the hospital began with a few routine tests such as test for HIV, test for Australia Antigen, test to rule out Hepatitis C, CBC, ESR, blood sugar fasting, blood group, and Rh factor, kidney function tests, liver function tests, and a routine examination of stool and urine.

The patient was given anaesthesia and the procedure lasted for three to four hours thereafter.  In this procedure, the damaged bone and cartilage from the thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap was replaced with a prosthesis, or artificial joint, of metal, high-grade plastics, and polymers.

Post Treatment

The procedure was done successfully without any complications and the patient was sincere with post-procedural consultation. Mr. Assad Ahmed Nurudin stayed in Turkey for 3 weeks after the surgery for the recovery. Istanbul is a beautiful city that is an amalgamation of culture, history as well as is an economic powerhouse. It is also the largest city in Turkey, a country with Oriental and European elements. MediGence made it all possible for the patient by arranging for a place to stay for the patient during his recovery period and also ensuring that things such as hospital transfer, airport pick-up, and hospital appointments as well as follow-up consultations all went smoothly.

Reviewed By :- Guneet Bhatia


Sonam is working as the Head of Patient Advisory at MediGence with experience of over 12 years. Her areas of expertise include Patient Advisory and Medical Travel Operations. Travel and healthcare have been her domain for nearly a decade. Her strengths are her ability to multitask, passion for her work, and strong work ethic. Sonam believes in the goodness of people and is a philanthropic soul, helping people gives her great satisfaction. Naturally inquisitive and positive, she enjoys interacting with people and learning about their culture, lifestyles and exploring the world around her through her travels.

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