Knee Arthroscopy in Singapore

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction refers to the surgical replacement of the ACL, which is located in the knee. It is common for the ACL ligament to rupture, tear, or get damaged during an injury. During ACL reconstruction, the torn ACL ligament is removed and replaced with a graft tissue by making small incisions around the knee. This is mostly conducted as a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure, which ensures quicker recovery, minimal hospital stay, lesser pain, and better outcomes as compared to open surgical repair.

ACL Reconstruction in Singapore

ACL reconstruction or repair is conducted across all major orthopedic hospitals in Singapore. The country is known for its quality of medical services and the use of state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, Singapore is known as a medical tourism paradise because of the range of world-class services that the hospitals in the country offer to the patients coming from abroad for medical treatment. So far, the best hospitals for orthopedic surgery in Thailand have treated thousands of patients from within Thailand and abroad and helped improve their overall quality of life.

Cost Comparison

ACL reconstruction cost in Singapore varies, depending on the approach used to conduct the surgery and the complexities involved. Nevertheless, the cost of ACL reconstruction in Singapore is affordable as compared to the Western countries. Singapore attracts over a million patients from around the world every year because of the fact that the cost of medical treatment in the country is quite affordable despite the use of the most advanced technology and the availability of highly experienced surgeons.

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