Chemotherapy in a broader sense is the use of drugs to treat diseases. If anyone else hears the word chemotherapy, they instantly relate it to cancer treatment. They call it “chemo” for short.

While Surgery or radiation therapy can kill, remove, or damage cancer cells in specific areas, but chemo, on the other hand, does its work all over the body. In short, chemo can kill most cancer cells that are spreading (metastasized) to different parts of the body, away from the primary tumour.

Goals of chemotherapy

There are three main goals relating to chemotherapy for cancer treatment. It is important to know these when going ahead for the concerned cancer treatment.

•    Cure

•    Control

•    Palliation


Chemotherapy, in a broader sense, cures cancer. This method can successfully eradicate cancer and it won’t come back. But most doctors offer the benefit of a doubt to their patients and most often do not use the word “cure” unless it is a possibility. The guarantee of the person being cured are few are far between, hence there is usually no guarantee given for their recovery. It would take many years to get to know if the person has been cured of cancer or not.


If there is no possibility of it being cured, then the only way is to control the disease. The role of chemo is to shrink the cancerous tumors or to prevent cancer from spreading and growing. Patients under this treatment would ultimately feel better and live a bit longer. Cancer doesn’t completely go away, as in many cases, but instead, it is under a controlled environment and managed tactfully as a chronic disease, similar to the treatment for diabetes and heart disease. In cases where cancer seems to have left the host but has come back, then chemo can be resumed.


Chemo can also be used to ease symptoms caused by cancer. This sort of treatment is called palliation or palliative chemotherapy. Usually, when cancer has reached its final stage, it cannot be controlled, hence its rapid spread from its initial position to other parts of the body. In this case, the primary objective would be to ease the pain and improve the quality of life. For example, chemo can be used to help diminish the tumor that is causing pain or pressure.  

Various hospitals offer various cancer treatments. If they have the right equipment and the right treatment, they will be able to eradicate or reduce the symptoms of cancer. Some cancers that are fought off in the majority of hospitals are

•    Breast Cancer

•    Gynecological Cancer

•    Urological Cancer

•    Colorectal Cancer

•    Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer

•    Head & Neck Cancer

•    Skin Cancer

Treatment and Cost


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15 Days Outside Hospital

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USD 650


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