Dermal filler is a technique used to reduce and remove fine facial lines and wrinkles. This procedure is more approachable and appealing than other surgeries as it helps in clearing the fine lines and wrinkles from the first session itself. Cosmetologists recommend the best dermal fillers suitable to your skin type. There are two types of dermal fillers,semi-permanent and permanent. The procedure takes 30 minutes only and the swelling and redness subside within a couple of hours.

Dermal Fillers in India

The variety of fillers in India is more than the US. With the help of skilled doctors, you may find the right filler for your skin which is both durable and affordable. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are the best cities in India to get the dermal filler treatment. Their immense expertise in the field and caring attitude towards their customers, and the technology that they use make India the best destinations approached for dermal fillers.  India has all the latest laser technology to meet your aesthetic needs in the most effective way possible.

Cost Comparison

India is one of the best tourists’ destinations with extremely affordable and high-quality treatment. The doctors are highly skilled and professional and the aftercare provided by the hospitals assures the best health care for patients.

The cost of dermal filler treatment depends upon the type of fillers temporary or semi-temporary ranging from USD 300 to USD 500. Usually, the lowest risk is involved in temporary fillers having hyaluronic acid. Semi-temporary fillers are comparatively riskier causing severe swelling.

Treatment and Cost


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