Successful Microdiscectomy in Turkey: A Case Study (Robinson Trey from the US)

  • April 11, 2018
  • MediGence Team
Successful Microdiscectomy in Turkey: A Case Study (Robinson Trey from the US)

There are several conditions related to the spine that can severely affect the quality of life of an individual, irrespective of how healthy or what age they are. Severe back pain due to spinal stenosis, disc herniation, or osteoarthritis of the spine can cause great distress and trauma.

Such was the case of Robinson Trey from the US, who decided to travel to Turkey for his spine surgery and seek relief from disabling back pain.

Patient Introduction

Robinson Trey hails from Georgia, Atlanta, in the US. He experienced extreme pain in the lower back, which extended down his right leg due to compression of the sciatic nerve. The 38-year-old young man had no history of a prior surgery or diabetes. When his condition became severe and it affected his mobility, Trey decided to do a random Google search to look for medical assistance company that can help seek affordable treatment abroad. This is when he first contacted MediGence for help.

Trey had no particular choice of destination in his mind but was looking for the most reasonable options available in any part of the world. Trey consulted four different doctors in the US but they asked for anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 USD for microdiscectomy. He sent a query directly to the MediGence team through Website chat to get quotes for microdiscectomy, a back surgery that he was advised back in the States. The patient care team called Trey directly to understand his symptoms and discuss the requirements.

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About Patient’s Medical Condition (Pre-treatment)

Sciatica results when the something pushes against the sciatic nerve, which may cause shooting pain in the lower back, buttocks, and the affected leg. It most often results because of a herniated disc, which can possibly irritate the surrounding nerves and cause, weakness, numbness, and pain in the nearby region.

Trey suffered from terrible pain resulting out of a herniated disc, which compressed the sciatic nerve. He was barely able to walk properly prior to his back surgery for a pinched nerve. His quality of life was severely impacted and felt disoriented at the time of his first contact with MediGence.

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Travel Period

Within a day of their first conversation with Trey, the patient care team came up with quotes from the two top hospitals in Turkey and India so that Trey could compare and make his decision. The quote was customized to include all of Trey’s requirements, including those related to accommodation, local travel, air tickets, and food.

Trey selected Medicana International in Turkey for his treatment, which is one of the best hospitals in the country. Additionally, he had requested the MediGence team to arrange a root canal treatment appointment for his wife with a reputed dentist in Turkey. The team arranged the appointment of his wife with an experienced dentist in Medicana’s dentistry department itself.

Trey was thoroughly explained as to what to expect upon his arrival, during hospitalization, and after the surgery. The pictures of the hospital and the doctor’s profile was shared with him as well. He was patiently provided answers to all his concerns and queries that he had prior to his travel. The team arranged for free airport pick up and drop and hotel to hospital transfer for him. Additionally, a complimentary dental examination was provided to his wife, who accompanies him during his medical trip to Turkey.

An appointment was arranged with the concerned specialist, Dr. Soner BUYUKKINACI by the MediGence team for March 13th, a day after Trey and his wife reached Turkey. Dr. BUYUKKINACI is a globally renowned surgeon who conducts more than five spine surgeries in a week. He is educated and trained from the US and has been working with Medicana International for more than seven years. Trey was happy to be treated by a surgeon with prominent credentials.

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The microdiscectomy surgery was conducted by Dr. BUYUKKINACI on the next day of the appointment and within a day, Trey could walk comfortably without any pain and was discharged from the hospital. Trey and his wife enjoyed roaming around Turkey before boarding a flight back to the States on March 23rd.

Treatment Details

Trey was thoroughly evaluated and examined a day before his scheduled surgery. A level-2 microdiscectomy surgery was conducted to push back the herniated disc material to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The surgery was conducted in the morning under the influence of general anesthesia. Trey was explained the procedure thoroughly and told that he will be discharged on the same day.

Patient’s Medical Condition (Post-treatment)

Within the two hours of the surgery, Trey could walk normally without any pinching pain in his back or legs. Trey was discharged on the same day.

In his testimonial, Trey shared his overall experience and explained how he felt 100 percent better within a few hours of the surgery. Everything went well and there were no complications to attend.

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