Amrit from India Underwent Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

Amrit from India Underwent Kidney Transplantation in Turkey
  • Patient Name : Amrit Garg
  • From Country : India
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Kidney Transplant
  • Hospital : Medicana Camlica Hospital

The response was very quick, and we got very good support from MediGence. Whenever we had a question we got a quick response, especially from Guneet.

Below mentioned is the transcription of the patient’s feedback who underwent a Kidney Transplant in Turkey’s Medicana Camlica Hospital. There are many hassles and issues a patient and his family members have to undergo throughout their medical journey. Relive one such story of a patient who traveled to Turkey from India for Kidney Transplantation.

MediGence Team: The first question we have is about the patient is what was your relationship with the patient, and what was his medical condition when first diagnosed?

Patient’s Daughter: The patient is my father.He has been operated for Kidney Transplant. So he was on dialysis for the last 1 year. We had a donor who was part of our family. We had gotten all the blood results and all the other things done here in India. He was donor compatible with my father (including blood group, etc). So that was the patient’s condition.

MediGence Team: So how did you get in touch with the MediGence team, and how was your interaction like when you first spoke to us?

Patient’s Daughter: We actually found about MediGence from Google. The response was very quick, and we got very good support from MediGence initially. Whenever we had a question we got a quick response, especially from Guneet ( Co-founder & Director, Patient Relations)

MediGence Team: What was the destination that you eventually chose, and why did you choose that?

Patient’s Daughter: The main reason was the daughter was the main thing for my dad. And in Turkey, the weather was most suitable for us. The transplantation was to be done in the summer, and that’s what we were looking for. And that is why we thought Turkey is the best option for us (for Kidney Transplantation).

MediGence Team: And how about the hospital in Turkey? What was the stay there and the overall experience (including the doctors, and staff)?

Patient’s Daughter: Yes, the hospital stay was great. The staff was very friendly and they were very cooperative. The doctor was also very experienced. So the overall experience of the hospital in Istanbul was very good.

MediGence Team: Can you tell us about the patient’s (your father’s) recovery as well as the donor? How are they doing now?

Patient’s Daughter: They are doing good They are definitely looking after themselves well. It was a huge challenge for us to maintain health when he was in India. But so far it is going good. There have been no major challenges for ourselves very well. Both the patient and the donor are looking after themselves very well.

MediGence Team: Alright, that is good to hear. Just one last question. Do you have any feedback/recommendations for us, for Team MediGence?

Patient’s Daughter: I guess the final feedback is that almost everything went very well. But we had a few challenges in getting the visa. That entire process was very hectic. Probably MediGence needs to improve on that part. Other than that everything else went very smoothly.

MediGence Team: Thank you so much !!!

Last modified on at Dec 09, 2019

(Brig) Dr. Anupam

Brig (Dr) Anupam Saha has been the foremost Gastro-Intestinal and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgeon of the Indian Armed Forces with more than 20 yrs of experience in performing complex operations for cancer and other diseases involving the Liver, Pancreas, Gall Bladder as well as other Gastro Intestinal surgeries involving the Colon, Rectum and the Gastro-Intestinal System. He is currently the HOD & Sr. Consultant of Dept of Liver Biliary Sciences at Venkateshwara Hospital

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