Ms. Lisa Underwent Superficial Varicose Laser Treatment in Guven Hospital

Ms. Lisa Underwent Superficial Varicose Laser Treatment in Guven Hospital
  • Patient Name : Ms. Lisa Machel
  • From Country : Mozambique
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Superficial Varicosis Laser Treatment
  • Hospital : Guven Hospital, Turkey

I am very happy with the treating doctor and the procedure outcome. I am impressed with Guven Hospital and the medical staff. Quite pleased with the services that MediGence provided.

I appreciate how quickly medigence reached out to me and helped me in getting the appointments done. Medigence was quite professional and helpful with me in my treatment requirements.


Ms. Lisa Machel from Mozambique (age-29 years) was suffering from Varicose Veins on her Leg and she was advised to get Endovenous Varicose Laser Treatment (ELTV). Endovenous laser varicose vein surgery is a technique that reduces varicose veins by using heat from a laser. Varicose veins are swelling, bulging veins that most commonly affect the thighs and calves. A laser is a light-emitting device that emits a tiny beam of radiation.
Ms. Lisa had given up hope of ever being cured. She later noticed an advertisement for Laser Varicose Surgery and used the MediGence platform to research the best hospital and surgeon alternatives. She reached out to us by posting a question on our website. Despite the fact that the website contained all of the information about ELTV, she was quite satisfied with our prompt response to her inquiries, which took only a few minutes.
Medigence connected her with some of Turkey’s best doctors and hospitals based on her preferences and budget. After exhausting all of her choices, she chose Prof. Dr. Ercan ARCA at Guven Hospital in Turkey for the treatment of her issue. Dr. Ercan is among the best Interventional Radiologists in Turkey, and for better outcomes, the hospital works to develop & use cutting-edge procedures. She was pleased that the options were offered in accordance with her budget.
Ms. Lisa Machel shared all her required details and documents with MediGence and our team contacted her in a very timely manner.

Pre-Treatment & Process

After all the inquiry formalities, she took her first step towards her treatment. Ms. Lisa Machel traveled alone to Turkey from Mozambique on 7th December 2020. She was greeted at the Airport by the Medigence team and was taken to the arranged accommodation. The assigned case manager ensured that the patient was provided with all the best facilities at the hotel. Then, Ms. Lisa Machel visited the Guven Hospital to meet the Doctor. After completing diagnostic tests and all formalities, Ms. Lisa started with her treatment journey. Ms. Lisa was quite excited about receiving the package for the same.


Ms. Lisa Machel was treated at a daycare center, Endovenous Varicose Laser Treatment was done successfully, and she was asked to stay in the country for at least 5 days to ensure that her recovery was closely monitored.
Ms. Lisa presented her gratitude towards the Doctor & medical care staff, and especially MediGence for making her treatment journey hassle-free & successful. The Team of MediGence not only helped her during her tenure in the Hospital but also actively managed her visa formalities, airport pickup, accommodation arrangements, Hospital appointment & admission process. Not only this but follow-up consultations were also organized by MediGence to ensure her safe & speedy recovery. According to her, MediGence was quite professional & spontaneous with her needs.
We feel happy that she got treated well and now happily returned to her home.

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