Mrs. Farida Bano Underwent Medical Management at Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India

Mrs. Farida Bano Underwent Medical Management at Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India
  • Patient Name : Mrs. Farida Bano
  • From Country : Bangladesh
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Medical Management
  • Hospital : Apollo Hospital, Chennai

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Mrs. Farida Bano, a 43-year-old Bangladeshi woman, was troubled by thyroid conditions. According to diagnostic reports, she may have had other related problems as well.

On the internet, where she was looking for a health advisor, she discovered MediGence. The health plan offered by MediGence was very appealing to Mrs. Bano and reasonably priced. She submitted a question on their website, and a MediGence employee swiftly responded and asked her for some additional information. Following the submission of the requested information, Mrs. Bano was contacted by MediGence to learn more about her medical problems. Then she emailed them information about her case and her medical records. She desired to travel to India for advice. She received a list of the top physicians and medical facilities in India from the patient advisory team. At the Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India, Msr. Bano made the decision to confer with Dr. Shyam (ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon).

Dr. S. Shyam Kumar is an ENT, head and neck surgeon with more than 16 years of expertise who practices in Chennai. After earning his medical degree from Kasturba Medical College, he joined the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi after completing his training under the late Prof. B. Ramamurthi, the country’s first neurosurgeon. He has both domestic and foreign publications to his name, and he was awarded the “ORL society travel grant” for presenting a research paper. Cholesteatoma, dizziness, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), otitis media in the ear, gastric reflux, hearing aids, hearing loss, hoarseness, etc. are among the conditions that Dr. Kumar specializes in treating.

One of India’s top hospitals for heart care, founded in 1983. The first hospital in India to offer radiosurgery (for brain tumors), stereotactic radiotherapy, and coronary angioplasty. Heart, cancer, bones, joints, and the spine; organ transplants; neurology; gastroenterology and colorectal surgery; bariatric surgery; gynecology and infertility; and ophthalmology are among the major specializations. First hospital in India to be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The Joint Commission International USA granted accreditation to the first hospital in South India, and it was later renewed four times. Recognized by the Indian government to be a “Centre of Excellence.S elected by The Week magazine as the “Best Private Sector Hospital in India” on multiple occasions. It won the top two spots in Times Health’s 2016 All India Multispecialty Hospital Survey and is JCI and NABH-accredited.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

The MediGence patient manager assisted with the Visa invitation from the selected institution. After applying, Mrs. Bano got his visa within a week. In keeping with her budget, she picked the hotel that MediGence had advised. The hospital could be reached on foot. Bano arrived in India on 26 Jun 2022. The MediGence Team met her at the airport and made all of the preparations for his lodging.

The designated case manager made sure the patient had access to the hotel’s top amenities. In order to confer with Dr. Shyam Kumar S (ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon), MediGence brought the patient to the hospital. The doctor’s appointment for Mrs. Bano was scheduled in advance. Mrs. Bano first met all the medical professionals on the day of his arrival. Following preliminary examinations, he was brought to the hospital. After finishing all medical exams, the doctor advised Mrs. Bano to undergo a few diagnostic procedures in order to identify the illness.

Mrs. Bano went through all required testing. This improved their understanding of the situation and enabled them to develop the most effective treatment strategy. Mrs. Bano received assistance from the designated case manager to complete the Thyroid Disease Evaluation. The doctor advised getting an MRI, a CT scan, an ultrasound, and blood work. The doctor carefully examined the test results and came to the conclusion that there were no significant problems and that surgery was not necessary.

Post Treatment

After staying in India for seven days, she took a flight home with her husband to continue taking her medications. Mrs. Bano had good care from the medical staff, frequent monitoring, and better care, all of which contributed to her comfortable treatment course.

Multiple possibilities for lodging were given to Mrs. Bano, and she selected one that fit her budget. The patient received superb care from the doctor, who also saw to her safety and comfort. MediGence made sure the patient had the finest care possible and handled all the arrangements, including the hospital transfer, airport pickup, and doctor appointments.

Mrs.Farida Bano expressed his satisfaction with the hospital’s amenities and the physician. She was quite appreciative of the advice provided by the experts at Apollo Hospital, Chennai throughout the assessment.


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Reviewed By :- Dr. Vijita Jayan


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