Ms. Fatima Konate Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy at Medical Park Florya Hospital, Turkey

Ms. Fatima Konate Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy at Medical Park Florya Hospital, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Ms. Fatima Konate
  • From Country : USA
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Hospital : Medical Park Florya Hospital, Istanbul

I’m really satisfied with the outcome and the surgeon who performed the procedure. My sincere appreciation goes out to the medical staff at Max Super Speciality Hospital, in India for their wonderful care. Furthermore, I’m pleased with MediGence’s services and would like to thank them for quickly attending to my requests for airport pickup and priority appointments. I want to express my gratitude to MediGence for their excellent help with my medical care.

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Ms. Lem Lem Ragasa, 67, a citizen of Ethiopia, looked up her choices online and contacted MediGence specialists when he realized his wife needed sophisticated care for her rectal polyps and fissures and inguinal hernia repair surgery procedure. Hse was having symptoms such as itching, irritation in the anal region, discomfort, pain, swelling, and bleeding around the anus. They assisted her in scheduling appointments with Shalimar Bagh’s Max Super Specialty Hospital. On 2 Sep 2022, she left for India. The patient stayed in the hospital for four days during the visit. She made the decision to seek care from Dr. KK Trehan.

With 40 years of expertise, Dr. K.K. Trehan is a general surgeon in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. At Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh’s Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dr. K.K. Trehan is a physician. He earned his MBBS and MS degrees in general surgery from the University of Delhi in 1976 and 1982, respectively. He is a member of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society, AIGES, and the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI). The doctor offers a variety of therapies, including: Varicocele Surgery, Treatment for Fistulas, Gynecomastia Surgery and Treatment, and Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair.

One of the most prominent super-specialty hospitals in India, Max Healthcare Hospital in Shalimar Bagh offers patients specialist treatment services in practically all major medical disciplines. Being a part of MAX Healthcare, one of the nation’s healthcare companies, it takes satisfaction in having successfully treated more than 400,000 patients. Established in 2011, the Max Super Specialty Hospital’s Shalimar Bagh branch is the first in India to be recognized as a HIMSS stage ‘6’ center. The center received accreditation for its super-specialty facility from NABH and NABL, in addition to being granted First Global Green OT accreditation.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

The doctor and other medical staff made the patient feel at ease and like he was at home from the moment of his admittance.  Ms. Lem Lem Ragasa underwent a thorough physical checkup by the team. She had tests done as part of the same procedure to verify his diagnosis. These blood tests and a colonoscopy, a technique that involves a scope examination of the colon. After that, the polyps and the fissures can be removed. There were no issues, and the patient was pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

A rectal polyp that is overly large could need to be surgically removed. Transanal excision is an option if the polyp is low in the rectum. The polyp is removed through the rectum under general anesthesia, resulting in little discomfort and a speedy recovery.

The majority of hemorrhoids can be prevented with a healthy diet and regular exercise, or they can be treated with medications or non-surgical methods. A surgeon may recommend a haemorrhoidectomy if conservative measures fail or if the hemorrhoids are very big.

The painful symptoms can be relieved by removing the hemorrhoids, but they might potentially recur.

On the other hand, a basic fissurectomy entails removing the sentinel pile, if any, as well as the scarred superficial skin surrounding the anal fissure. Primarily, the surgical wound can be closed or left open.

The doctor may advise cautious waiting if one’shernia is tiny and not causing them any discomfort. Wearing a supporting truss might occasionally help reduce discomfort, but it should fit correctly and is being administered effectively by consulting the doctor first. Surgery is typically necessary to treat uncomfortable or enlarging hernias in order to relieve pain and avoid more serious consequences.

Post Treatment

After her surgery, Ms. Lem Lem Ragasa spent one month recovering in India. From planning the follow-up consultation to discussing the patient’s stay alternatives to arranging the hospital transfer, airport pickup, and hospital appointment scheduling, MediGence was there for the patient every step of the way. The patient had a good experience, and in her feedback, she expressed her happiness while recovering from a significant health issue that had been hurting her for a while.


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