Patient from Mauritius Underwent Craniotomy Surgery in India

Patient from Mauritius Underwent Craniotomy Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : Marie Christelle Sungaren
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Craniotomy Surgery
  • Hospital : Artemis Hospital, Gurugram

Ms. Marie Christelle Sungaren, aged at 29 from Mauritius, complaint of tiredness and frequent headaches which was due to the recurrence of Pituitary Gland Tumour. In addition to it, her vision in the right eyes had also started to become blurred.


Mauritian national Ms. Marie Christelle Sungaren, 29, complaint of tiredness and frequent headaches, which was due to the recurrence of Pituitary Gland Tumor. In addition, her vision in the right eye had also blurred due to the impact of the growing tumor.

Marie was first diagnosed with ‘Pituitary Gland Tumor’ in 2018. Upon her medical check-up in Mauritius, she was advised for surgery in January 2019 based on the symptoms and size of the tumor. Her surgery was done locally and after the operation, her doctor indicated that 80 percent of the tumor had been removed. He recommended a repeat scan after 6 months to check for the residual tumor so that further treatment can be advised. In June 2019, she had an MRI and the reports indicated that the tumor has regrown to almost its original size.

Following this, Marie contacted the insurance company that she was insured with. The company, being the official partner of MediGence from Mauritius, contacted the team to find the best options for Marie’s treatment.

Team MediGence, upon receiving the query, started to work on the request without any delay. An extensive clinical discussion was help with the insurance company as well as with Marie personally to understand the symptoms and the challenges that she was facing. A record of the medical history and the reports were taken from them for discussion with specialists across India.

A treatment plan with the best possible treatment options for Marie was submitted to the insurance company for review and decision. The intent was to connect them with the treatment facilities and expert surgeons for her treatment.

Taking all the research and recommendations into consideration, Marie chose Dr Aditya Gupta, Neurosurgeon at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram. Dr. Gupta is one of the best surgeons for Neurosurgery in Delhi NCR, and he is renowned for his surgical skills and expertise in the field of brain surgery, especially craniotomy and CyberKnife treatment.


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Marie arrived in Delhi on Sunday 18th August 2019 late evening, accompanied by her husband and mother. They were received and safely accommodated to their hotel by the MediGence team. They were picked up by the assigned Patient Care manager on the next day for her first consultation with Dr. Aditya Gupta. Her initial investigations and tests including complete blood count, CT with contrast, kidney function test, and vision field test were planned. The discussion related to the investigations results were planned subsequently during the next set of consultations with Dr. Gupta as well as an ophthalmologist.

She was admitted on the 26th of August 2019 and craniotomy was scheduled for the same day. In Craniotomy, a piece of the skull is removed to have an access to the site of the tumor or other abnormality. It is fixed back after the area is operated on and the tumor is removed.

After the procedure, Marie was shifted to the post-operative area, followed by an ICU stay of 2 days. She was kept in the hospital for about 5 days. The doctors were happy to see her recovery by the time she was discharged from the hospital.


The surgery was successful and it was explained to the family that a majority of the tumor had been removed. Marie’s symptoms has improved considerably after the surgery. There were no more episodes of headaches and her vision had also improved significantly. She feelt more comfortable, healthy, and confident.

She has been advised to undergo a repeat scan after 6 months and then come back for Cyberknife Radiosurgery to destroy the remaining traces of the tumor.

Team MediGence wishes Marie a very well and a speedy recovery!

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