Patient Testimonial | Evans Vargas underwent Arthroscopic Debridement for Ankle in Istinye University LIV Hospital Turkey

Patient Testimonial | Evans Vargas underwent Arthroscopic Debridement for Ankle in Istinye University LIV Hospital Turkey
  • Patient Name : Evans Vargas
  • From Country : USA
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Arthroscopic Debridement for Ankle
  • Hospital : Istinye University LIV Hospital, Turkey

Thanks to MediGence for its excellent services. Besides helping me in selecting the right hospital for my treatment, MediGence also helped me in airport pick-up, doctor appointments, and hospital transfer coordination.


Evans Vargas, 36, from the USA had severe ankle pain. He was not able to flex his ankles too much and could walk slowly, taking small steps. His life was affected a lot by his ailment. His condition worsened with time and he was not able to bear the pain anymore.

He was looking for a health consultant on the internet where he found MediGence. Mr. Evans found MediGence’s health package very exciting and affordable. He left a query on its website and to his surprise, a representative of MediGence responded to him very quickly and requesting him to provide a few details. Post his submission of the requested details, he received a call from MediGence to know more about his condition. Evans received a call from MediGence after he submitted an inquiry for treatment. He sent his case details and medical reports to them. The patient advisory team provided him with a list of the best doctors and hospitals from different countries. Mr. Evans chose to consult Dr. Haluk Çabuk at Istinye University LIV Hospital in Turkey.

Within 3 days, Evans received an assessment from the best orthopedic hospitals in Turkey. The treatment plan recommended by the doctor was comprehensive and as per his recommendations from his consultant doctors in the US. However, he wished to speak to the doctor. MediGence assisted Evans with arranging a videoconferencing with the doctor who was very very cooperative. Finally, Evans wanted to go ahead with Dr. Haluk Çabuk and Istinye University LIV Hospital.

Pre-treatment and Process

The Visa invite from the chosen hospital was facilitated by MediGence patient manager. Evans applied and received the Visa within a week.

He chose the hotel recommended by MediGence according to his budget. It was within walking distance of the hospital. Evans arrived in India on the 11th of January, 2021. He was received at the airport by MediGence Team and all accommodation arrangements were done by the team. The assigned case manager ensured that the patient was provided the best facilities at the hotel. MediGence took the patient to the hospital for consultation with Dr. Haluk Çabuk. Mr. Evans’ appointment with Dr. Haluk was pre-booked. On the first day of his arrival, Evans met the best orthopedic surgeon in Turkey. After initial checkups, he was admitted to the hospital. Completing all medical examinations, the doctor told Evans to get a few diagnostic tests done to diagnose the condition.

Evans was anxious about the surgery and every time he wanted to speak to the doctor. The Patient Manager from MediGence stood by his side, booked appointments with the surgeon, helped him with billing queries, and also counseled me.

Evans underwent all the essential testing. This helped the surgeon better understand the case and in turn map out the best treatment plan. After going through the test reports thoroughly, the doctor suggested Arthroscopic Debridement for Ankle as the best option for the treatment of his condition. After being counseled about the procedure by his doctor, he decided to go ahead with the procedure. The surgery involved less risk and complications.

Dr. Haluk Çabuk successfully performed the procedure. The patient was monitored closely post-surgery to prevent any type of complications. The excellent care delivered by the hospital staff, regular monitoring, and better care ensured that Mr. Evans had a speedy recovery. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days. He was discharged after he showed signs of recovery.


Post-surgery, Mr. Evans was provided with multiple accommodation options and he chose as per his budget. Dr. Haluk Çabuk provided excellent care and ensured the patient was safe and comfortable.

MediGence ensured the patient received the best care and arranged everything right from hospital transfer, airport pick-up to doctor appointments.

Mr. Evans said that he was very satisfied with the doctor and the treatment outcome of the procedure. He was very grateful to the doctors at Istinye University LIV Hospital for the counseling which was done just before surgery.

Mr. Evans also thanked MediGence for their excellent support at every step of his treatment journey- right from choosing the best surgeon and the hospital to getting visa to booking appointments.

Team MediGence wishes Mr. Evans a happy and healthy future.

Last modified on at Oct 20, 2021

Reviewed By :- Guneet Bhatia


Dr. Mrinalini Kachroo is a Patient Advisory Executive at MediGence. A dentist by education,she excels in communicating with patients and providing them with the best possible healthcare available all around the world. Her experience as a dental professional provides an advantage to the patients by providing an colloquial medical assistance.

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