Tressy Kalisa Underwent Revision Osteosynthesis in American Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Tressy Kalisa Underwent Revision Osteosynthesis in American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Patient Name : Tressy Kalisa
  • From Country : Rwanda
  • Destination Country : UAE
  • Procedure : Revision Osteosynthesis (with strut allograft bone)
  • Hospital : American Hospital, Dubai

I’ve benefited significantly from the comprehensive health check-up package the hospital offers. I am incredibly appreciative to the American Hospital, Dubai medical staff for planning and setting up the health check-up for me.

I want to express my gratitude to MediGence for its assistance in guiding me through every step of the process—from finding the medical center to scheduling my consultation and keeping track of the checkup appointment times—and for helping me stay organized while managing my hotel stay, hospital visits, and airport transfers. They took care of everything so I could concentrate on my well-being.

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Tressy Kalisa, a lively and positive 80-year-old, primarily underwent surgery in Rwanda. However, she had a case of orthopedic trauma and was not able to walk even after the surgery she had in her home country. She traveled to Dubai to make sure that all of his health-related assessments were satisfactory. She chose to go to American Hospital, Dubai specifically for this reason because it is a haven of first-rate medical care for everyone. She chose Dubai because it is a top-tier healthcare hub in addition to being one of the world’s best cultural and historical destinations. The nation’s strength is undoubtedly the resources it has available to the healthcare industry.

Tressy Kalisa arrived at American Hospital, Dubai on 1 February 2022 with her daughter, and was treated there immediately by dedicated medical professionals. Every time Tressy Kalisa came for her annual physical, she felt at ease, at home, and totally comfortable in this superb healthcare center. Not just the conveniences, but also the warmth of the staff in the healthcare and patient transfer departments, as well as the international patient center, pleased her. Because of the superior caliber of its physicians, this medical facility is a top provider of healthcare. The doctors and other medical staff at the American Hospital, Dubai have a great deal of experience in caring for both domestic and international patients.

Dr. Paolo Cellocco practices, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, at the Canadian Specialist Hospital in the UAE. His areas of expertise are orthopedics, rehabilitation, and physical therapy, and he has more than 15 years of experience. He earned a medical degree from the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, as well as a specialization diploma in orthopedic surgery and trauma from the University of L’Aquila in Italy and a Ph.D. from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Italy and the GMC (UK).

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

The patient desired a thorough physical examination, which she admirably received at American Hospital, Dubai from highly qualified and experienced medical professionals such as Dr. Paolo Celloco. The procedure she underwent was Revision Osteosynthesis including a strut allograft bone. The objective of osteosynthesis is to stabilize and connect the ends of a broken bone following a fracture, osteotomy, or a non-union from a prior fracture. Mechanical devices are used to stabilize broken bone pieces.

This makes it possible for the muscles and joint function to be fully or partially repaired. If the surgery involves an internal fixation, the mechanical device can either be removed or left in once the bone fragments are stable. However, Tressy was unhappy with her treatment and was seeking better services. She came across MediGence and opted for Dr. Paolo Celloco.

Post Treatment

The patient spent 5 days in Turkey for the medical examination, which also served as an observation time during which she enjoyed the country’s excellent qualities. She simultaneously felt relieved and at ease. In every step of the patient’s trip through the health check-up process, MediGence delivered. From making sure the patient’s health check consultations were carried out smoothly to making sure the patient stayed comfortably in the best stay option available. MediGence was the appropriate enabler for many aspects of the treatment, travel, transfer, and more, whether it was hospital transfer coordination, airport pickup coordination, or hospital appointment coordination.


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