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About the Surgery for Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a birth-defect involving the nervous system. In this condition, there is improper development of the spinal cord and spinal column. In spina bifida, the neural tube of the fetus does not close properly. There are various types of spina bifida. These include spina bifida occulta and Spina bifida Aperta. Spina bifida Aperta is also known as Myelomeningocele. It is a severe form of spina bifida. As the severe form is progressive, it requires immediate repair to prevent further damage. In such a case, your doctor may advise fetal surgery.

How is Surgery for Spina Bifida performed?

The doctors perform the surgery on the fetus in prenatal surgery for spina bifida. The surgeons generally execute the procedure by exposing the uterus. However, in some cases, the patients may also undergo minimally invasive surgery. You may undergo the following steps during the surgery:

  • The doctor advises you to visit the hospital on the morning of surgery with overnight fasting.
  • The staff guides you to the changing room and provides you a gown for changing.
  • Your surgeon and the anesthesia expert may meet you to evaluate your health.
  • Once everything is fine, the staff will take you into the operation theatre.
  • The surgeon inserts an epidural catheter to provide relief from pain after the surgery.
  • The anesthesiologist will give you general anesthesia that will make you sleep throughout the surgery.
  • The surgeon then exposes the uterus by making an incision on the abdomen. The incision is probably wider as compared to that done during the caesarian surgery.
  • The surgeon opens the uterus to get excess to the fetus.
  • The surgeon examines the abnormality in the spine and closes the spine.
  • The surgeon then closes the uterus and the abdomen and places a bandage on the wound.
  • The staff then sifts you to the ICU for monitoring your vital parameters.

Recovery from Surgery for Spina Bifida

You may feel some pain once you wake up. However, it is manageable through medications and epidural catheters. Once your vital parameters are stable, the staff shifts you to the general ward. You need to stay at the hospital for around one week. After discharge, you need to take good care of your health and visit the hospital for follow-up evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors affecting the cost of Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland?

Surgery for Spina Bifida cost in Poland varies from one hospital to the other. The top hospitals for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland covers all the expenses related to the pre-surgery investigations of the candidate. The Surgery for Spina Bifida procedure in Poland includes the fees of the surgeon, hospitalization and anesthesia as well. A prolonged hospital stay due to delayed recovery, new diagnosis and complications after surgery may increase the cost of Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland.

Which are some of the best clinics in Poland for Surgery for Spina Bifidat?

There are many hospitals that perform Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland. Some of the best hospitals for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland include the following:

  1. Carolina Medical Center
How many days does it take to recover post Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland?

Upon discharge from the hospital after Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland, the patients are advised to stay for about 28 days for recovery. This time frame is important to ensure that the surgery was successful and the patient is fit to fly back.

Which are some of the other popular destinations for Surgery for Spina Bifida?

Poland is considered to be one of the best places for Surgery for Spina Bifida in the world. This is because of the availability of some of the best doctors, advanced medical technology and good hospital infrastructure. However, there are other countries as mentioned below that are popular for Surgery for Spina Bifida as well:

Country Cost
GreeceUSD 17000

How much are the other expenses in Poland apart from the cost of Surgery for Spina Bifida?

There are certain additional cost that the patient has to pay apart from the Surgery for Spina Bifida cost. The extra charges may start from USD 50 per person.

Which are the best cities in Poland for Surgery for Spina Bifida Procedure?

The following are some of the best cities for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland:

  1. Jelenia Gora
  2. Warsaw
  3. Ustron
How many days does one have to spend in the hospital for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland?

After the Surgery for Spina Bifida takes place, the average duration of stay at the hospital is about 4 days. This phase is important to ensure that the patient is recovering well and is clinically stable. During this time, several tests are performed before the patient is deemed suitable for discharge.

How many hospitals offer Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland?

There are more than 1 hospitals that offer Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland. The above mentioned hospitals have the required infrastructure and a dedicated unit where patients can be treated. These hospitals comply with all the rules and regulations as dictated by the regulatory bodies and medical association in Poland

Who are the best doctors for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland?

Some of the most sought after medical specialists for Surgery for Spina Bifida in Poland are:

  1. Dr. Stanislaw Kwiek
  2. Dr. Jurij Kseniuk
  3. Dr. Artur Zaczynski
  4. Dr. Radoslaw Michalik
  5. Dr. Adrian Rymarczyk

FAQ's Related to Poland

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Poland?

Poland has several top-quality hospitals, such as:

  1. Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic
  2. Carolina Medical Center
  3. KCM Clinic
  4. Warszawski Szpital Dla Dzieci
  5. Szpital Wolski

With highly experienced and well-trained doctors, these hospitals in Poland are able to handle even the most complicated cases.Highly skilled and trained doctors at these clinics are efficient to handle even the most complicated cases. These clinics have all modern facilities and offer all kinds of surgeries. World-class treatments are available at an affordable cost in these clinics. All modern facilities are provided to patients to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Poland?

In Poland, the healthcare system is bound to follow standards set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The government of Poland is totally committed to ensuring a high quality of healthcare in the country. With this aim, it introduced the Hospital Accreditation Programme in 1998, which mainly strives to improve patient safety standards. There is a strict process to receive accreditation. Hospitals are mandated to follow appropriate procedures defined by the accreditation body. NCQA evaluates healthcare facilities on stringent parameters such as administrative management and quality of patient care, and performance management.

Why should I opt for treatment in Poland?

Medical tourism is gaining immense popularity in Poland. The is becoming very popular among patients who come here mainly from Western Europe. Some of the main important reasons for the popularity of Poland's tourism sector are the superior quality of services, well-trained medical staff, short waiting times for surgeries, and cheap prices of treatments. With the best medical infrastructure and top clinics, medical tourists in Poland get world-class treatment. The Polish Ministry of Health governs the quality policies for all healthcare facilities in Poland and ensures the maintenance of standards of hygiene and patient care.

What is the process for obtaining medical visa in Poland?

A Schengen Visa allows a person to travel to Poland to seek medical treatment. A short-stay Schengen Visa lets an individual stay in Poland for a maximum period of 90 days. The essential documents required for applying for a medical visa are:

  1. Employment documents along with bank statements
  2. Valid passport
  3. Recent passport size photographs
  4. Accommodation proof from the candidate
  5. Medical certificate attested by the referring registered medical practitioner

All the submitted documents are thoroughly checked by the Poland embassy before issuing a medical visa.

What are the popular procedures available in Poland?

A large number of people visits Poland to avail the below-listed procedures:

  1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  2. Rhinoplasty
  3. Hip replacement
  4. Dental Implant
  5. Facelift surgery
  6. Breast augmentation
  7. Otoplasty

Plastic Surgery is the most preferred surgery in the country and are performed by highly skilled plastic surgeons who have gathered deep expertise by working in various European clinics. One of the top ranked medical turism countries, Poland attracts thousands of candidates every year for IVF, the success rate standing at 32 percent. People select Poland to avail these popular procedures due to several reasons, such as world-class hospitals with superior infrastructure and highly-skilled doctors, fast recovery, and use of cutting-edge medical technology.

Which are the most popular cities in Poland for medical treatment?

Poland's Medical tourism destinations are based in major cities which are easily accessible by plane. Some of the major cities in Poland are Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Szczecin and Wrclaw. The reasons for the popularity of these cities are multiple food options, language assistance, and cheap accommodation. Warsaw is medical tourist heaven due to its excellent scenic value which helps in the speedy recovery of patients through relaxation and rejuvenation.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Poland?

Hospitals in Poland offer all modern facilities to patients to ensure that get the treatment in a confortable environment. With an aim to improve patient experience, clinics in Poland offer excellent facilities, such as:

  1. Visa assistance,
  2. Travel arrangements,
  3. Airport transfers,
  4. Coordination of all medical appointments,
  5. Accommodations for patients and companions,
  6. International staff translators,
  7. Shopping and recreational options,
  8. Internet with wi-fi,
  9. Mobile sim cards,
  10. Lockers, and
  11. Cuisine to suit your palate.

Hospitals in Poland help international patients at all stages of their treatment journey, right from queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care. With patient satisfaction at the core, the hospitals leave no stone unturned to fulfill the needs of patients during their hospital stay by offering the best facilities.