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About the Corpus Callosotomy

Corpus Callosotomy (CC), sometimes called split-brain surgery, is a surgical procedure to control generalized seizures in children, primarily atonic seizures (drop attacks), by cutting the corpus callosum.  Corpus Callosum refers to a band of nerve fibres located deep in the brain that connects the two hemispheres of the brain. Corpus Callosum is responsible for the transmission of information between the two lobes but it also contributes to transmission of seizure impulses from one lobe to the other. This Surgery however does not completely eliminate seizures, but it prevents them from affecting the entire brain and muscles on both sides of the body. After corpus callosotomy surgery, the seizure may affect muscles on one side of the body, but maintaining muscle tone on the other side, reducing the risk of injury from falls. The surgery is usually performed on children and younger patients.

How is Corpus Callosotomy performed?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Below mentioned are the two methods in which this surgery is performed:

Conventional Method: In this method a small incision is made at the scalp at the top of the head, and this section of the skull is removed. The neurosurgeon then separates the two hemispheres. The surgeon uses special instruments and surgical microscopes to disconnect the corpus callosum or to cut a  part of it. The section of skull removed at the start of the procedure is then replaced and fixed in position, and the skin incision is closed.

Laser Ablation Method: In this method, two or three small holes are made and laser surgery is done with help of MRI imaging as a guide. The heat from the precisely focused laser beam cuts the corpus callosum. The precision ensures that the nearby brain tissue is not affected.

In some cases, corpus callosotomy is done in two stages, leaving some of the connections uncut to allow the two hemispheres to share some information. If seizures persist, a second procedure can be done to cut the rest.

Recovery from Corpus Callosotomy

The patient is monitored closely for the first 24 hours at the ICU. The usual stay at the hospital lasts for 2-7 days. In case if laser ablation the stay is shorter and the patient is discharged after two days if there are no signs of any complications. The patient can resume normal activity in 4-6 weeks. The hair grows back at the saved area and covers the scar. The patient is also required to continue their anti-seizure medications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors affecting the cost of Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom?

The cost of Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom may differ from one medical facility to the other. The top hospitals for Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom covers all the expenses related to the pre-surgery investigations of the candidate. The Corpus Callosotomy cost in the United Kingdom includes the cost of anesthesia, medicines, hospitalization and the surgeon's fee. There are many things that may increase the cost of Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom, including prolonged hospital stay and complications after the procedure.

Which are some of the best hospitals in the United Kingdom for Corpus Callosotomyt?

There are many hospitals that perform Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom. Some of the most renowned hospitals for Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom include the following:

  1. Parkside Private Hospital
How many days does it take to recover post Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom?

After discharge from the hospital, the patient has to stay for another 20 days in the country for complete recovery. This duration of stay is recommended to complete all the necessary follow-ups and control tests to ensure that the surgery was successful.

Which are some of the other popular destinations for Corpus Callosotomy?

One of the topmost destinations for Corpus Callosotomy is the United Kingdom. It has a variety of accredited hospital, affordable cost of treatment and some of the best medical fraternity. Some of such countries are:

IndiaUSD 2000
How much are the other expenses in the United Kingdom apart from the cost of Corpus Callosotomy?

Apart from the cost of Corpus Callosotomy, the patient is also required to pay additionally for daily meals and guest house accommodation. The per day extra expenses in the United Kingdom per person are about USD 50 per person.

Which are the best cities in the United Kingdom for Corpus Callosotomy Procedure?

There are many cities that offer Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom, including the following:

  1. London
  2. Kensington
  3. Bristol
  4. Norfolk
How many days does one have to spend in the hospital for Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom?

After the Corpus Callosotomy takes place, the average duration of stay at the hospital is about 3 days. The patient is subjected to several biochemistry and radiological scans to see that everything is okay and the recovery is on track. After making sure that patient is clinically stable, discharge is planned.

How many hospitals offer Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom?

There are more than 1 hospitals that offer Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom. The above listed clinics are approved to perform the surgery and have proper infrastructure to handle Corpus Callosotomy patients. Additionally, these hospitals are known to comply with the international standards as well as local legal requirements for the treatment of patients.

Who are the best doctors for Corpus Callosotomy in the United Kingdom?

FAQ's Related to United Kingdom

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, the healthcare systems follow standards set by QHA Trent and United Kingdom Accreditation Forum. Formed with a vision to improve healthcare quality in Great Britain, QHA Trent strives to lower risks for healthcare providers, patients, and the general public. There is a strong quality framework to ensure the performance of healthcare systems. Various inspection and improvement processes are merged with accreditation programs and regulatory bodies to provide a common mechanism for quality improvement. The accreditation bodies evaluate a healthcare system based on parameters, such as administrative management, performance management, and quality of patient care.

Why should I opt for healthcare in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom attracts a large number of medical tourists every year because of its world-class healthcare infrastructure and medical technology innovations. The country continues to be a hot destination for a large number of overseas patients especially from the Middle East and this is set to rise as the country invests more in technology and communication and transport. There are some strong reasons for the popularity of the United Kingdom’s healthcare system, such as the availability of a wide range of procedures, appointments and same-day diagnosis, and rapid response multi-disciplinary review teams. Populated with state-of-art hospitals like London Bridge Hospital, BUPA Cromwell, and Great Ormond Street, the country boasts of world-class treatment through highly trained doctors and advanced technology.

What is the quality of doctors in the United Kingdom?

The doctors in the United Kingdom are highly trained and professional who have to undergo rigorous training to sharpen their skills and gain hands-on experience in their respective fields. The country boasts of having high-quality doctors of internal standards and most of them have received education at reputed institutions. There are many skilled surgeons who have the capability to handle even the most complicated cases with great ease, particularly those associated with knee replacement, gallbladder removal, and hip replacement. The United Kingdom has a large pool of efficient doctors in all the specialty areas, particularly in gynecology, orthopedic doctors, cardiology, and neurology.

How to obtain a medical visa in the United Kingdom?

Depending on the country you are from, you may be able to visit the United Kingdom without a visa or by applying for a visa waiver. If you come from Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates, you can apply for a visa waiver. The documents required for applying for a medical visa include:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa fee receipt
  3. Two passport size photographs of the candidate
  4. Civil status of the candidate traveling
  5. Travel details
  6. Medical prescription signed by a registered medical practitioner
  7. A letter of acceptance from the doctor
  8. An estimate of stay period.

You can extend your stay period by 6 months if you require further treatment.

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in United Kingdom?

United Kingdom is a leading therapeutic center with many premium hospital groups as listed below:

  1. Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital
  2. The Portland Hospital
  3. BUPA Cromwell Hospital
  4. The Queens Square Private Hospital
  5. Royal Brompton Private Care
  6. King Edwards VII's Hospital
  7. The London Clinic
  8. London Bridge Hospital
  9. Priory Hospital London

The hospitals offer a wide spectrum of medical procedures in a comfortable, modern environment with state-of-the-art technology and leading health consultants. Several other factors make these hospitals popular, such as a wide variety of food options, patient-centric care, low mortality rate, and high success rates, efficiency of doctors and other healthcare staff, and safety aspects. You can check a few ratings and rankings systems to find the best hospitals in the United Kingdom. The Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital holds first position in the United Kingdom and ranked at 67 in the world. You can also check inspection ratings of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independent regulator of healthcare.

What are the popular procedures available in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has received worldwide recognition for its excellence in procedures like:

  1. Radiation therapy
  2. Knee Replacement
  3. Hip Replacement
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy

According to a report by BAAPS, breast reduction and breast augmentation are the most popular procedures in the country. The United Kingdom has received worldwide recognition for offering effective cancer treatment and some of the types of cancer that have reported high success rates include breast cancer, brain cancer, and prostate cancer. Many people prefer the United Kingdom for hip replacement because of well-trained orthopedic surgeons, speedy recovery, and the latest techniques.

Which are the most popular cities in the United Kingdom for medical treatment?

The most popular cities that are preferred by medical tourists in the United Kingdom are:

  1. Oxford
  2. Manchester
  3. York
  4. London
  5. Cambridge
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Inverness
  8. Belfast

Edgbaston Medical Quarter is the fastest growing healthcare hub which has a regional cluster of world-class hospitals offering quality treatment. Birmingham is another leading medical tourist destination with top hospitals, world-class doctors, better connectivity, and excellent infrastructure. Attracting people from different corners of the world to seek treatment, London is the hub for world-class hospitals offering a number of procedures with high success rates.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to the United Kingdom?

Yes, vaccines are recommended or required for the United Kingdom. The CDC and WHO recommend the below vaccines for the country:

  1. Hepatitis A
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Rabies
  4. Meningitis
  5. Polio
  6. Measles
  7. Mumps and rubella (MMR)
  8. Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis
  9. Chickenpox
  10. Shingles
  11. Pneumonia and influenza

For effective immunization, a person should get vaccinated at least 8 weeks before the date of travel. You can travel without getting vaccinated if you have a specific medical condition that prevents you from vaccination. Connect with the government official or contact your hospital in the United Kingdom to get complete information on vaccination.