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About the Scar Revision

Scar revision surgery is performed as an attempt to minimize a scar so that it is less conspicuous and blends in with the surrounding skin tone and texture. Scars are visible signs that remain after a wound has healed. They are the unavoidable results of injury or surgery, and their development can be unpredictable. Poor healing may contribute to scars that are obvious, unsightly or disfiguring. In some cases, even proper healing leaves behind a scar at the site of injury. Scars from trauma also cause mental stress by being a constant reminder of the accident. The treatment varies based on the type of scar, size and location. Different types of scars include discolouration, hypertrophic scars,  keloids, contractures.

How is Scar Revision performed?

The non-invasive procedure available to treat minor scars includes topical treatment, surface treatments such as chemical peeling, light therapy, skin bleaching agents.

For the more severe scars, it is best suited for a surgical revision. They may be done for cosmetic reasons or to restore function to a part of the body that is restricted by a scar or both. The surgery is done under anaesthesia.

Types of Scar revision surgeries are mentioned below:

Skin Grafts and Skin Flaps: This procedure involves the removal of healthy skin tissue from one part of the body and grafting it on the site of the scar. Skin flaps are similar to skin grafts, but the section of skin used has its own blood supply.

Z-Plasty: A surgeon cuts along either side of the scar and creates angled flaps. This helps in repositioning or changing scar direction, reduce scar tension and make the scar less visible.

Tissue Expansion: This procedure helps the body grow additional skin to cover the scars. An inflatable balloon is placed under the skin near the scar site and gradually stretches the skin. The extra skin tissue is used for the procedure.

Recovery from Scar Revision

The initial healing phase of a surgical scar revision may include localized swelling, discolouration or discomfort and may take 1 to 2 weeks. Healing will continue for several weeks and as the new scar heals it will slowly refine and fade. Optimal results can be expected after a single procedure.  The patient can resume normal activity as the swelling decreases.

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