Lip Augmentation cost in Spain

The demand for cosmetic surgery has rapidly increased in recent times, particularly lip augmentation. Women, who want to look younger and belong to the glamorous world, usually opt for such surgery because it improves the shape, size, and texture of their lips. When it comes to lip augmentation, there are few countries that are highly recommended and Spain is one of them. Thousands of women from various European countries travel to this place to get attractive lips in the safest possible manner. Therefore, if you are planning for lip augmentation in Spain, then you are making the right decision. Whether it is Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada or any other place, the entire country is full of reputed clinics that offer an extensive range of cosmetic surgery including lip enhancement.

The reason why Spain is considered as one of the best countries to go for lip augmentation is their knowledgeable and seasoned surgeons. Over the years they have polished their skills and thus rated one of the most reliable professionals in this genre. Moreover, the clinics and hospitals have high-end infrastructure that allows them to invest in advanced tools and equipment. These reasons are more than enough to choose lip augmentation in Spain.

Cost Comparison

Lip enhancement in this country is not only effective and reliable but also cost-effective. That is why so many people travel to this part of Europe. If you are opting for temporary lip enhancement, then you need to pay $350 to $600. However, permanent lip augmentation in Spain can be a little costly for you and the price will be between $1800 and $2200. Let’s not forget that the location, clinic, package, and surgeon you choose can also influence the final cost.

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About the Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic procedure that provides you fuller lips. These days, a dermal filler is most commonly used for lip augmentation. There are numerous types of dermal fillers that could be injected into the lips and around the mouth. The most common fillers contain substances that are similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound found in the body which helps increase volume in the lips.

Lip Augmentation Can Be Done in Two Ways:

Lip Injections/Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation: In this method, lip augmentation can be done using dermal filler injections and does not require any incisions or anesthesia. But, patients might choose to have the areas numbed with some topical anesthesia to prevent needle pain. Also, some dermal fillers may contain hyaluronic acid that binds with water, increasing the lip volume via natural hydration. Other ingredients might trigger the body to make more collagen, a structural component that restores firmness, elasticity, and volume, enhancing lip volume for several months. Dermal filler is injected with the help of a thin needle along the outline of the lips.

Lip Implants: It gives long-lasting results compared to dermal fillers but involves making two small incisions through which implants are inserted into the lips. This procedure is performed in around an hour and needs to numb the area. In some special cases, dermal fillers and implants can be combined for an effective treatment.

How is Lip Augmentation performed?

Once you have scheduled your lip augmentation, you need to prepare. If you smoke, you will be told to stop doing it before the surgery. If an individual has oral herpes, they might also be asked to take antiviral medicines.

During surgery, a natural or synthetic biocompatible material is injected into the lips. A single injection is enough to produce the desired results, which might be temporary. This depends on the material used. Proper positioning of the injected material is vital. AlloDerm, a type of natural collagen sheet comprised of donated skin, is slightly inserted through small incisions inside the corners of your mouth. Once the AlloDerm implant is positioned, it finally becomes integrated with natural tissues. Soft Form, Gore-Tex, and Soft ePTFE are some other synthetic implant options.

Recovery from Lip Augmentation

Postoperative Complications and Risks-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergy to the Anesthetic or Implant
  • Cold Sores and Fever Blisters of the Lips
  • Redness May Occur Where the Injection Was Given 
  • Swelling Lasting 7 to 10 Days
  • Lip Unevenness
  • Lumps on the Lips

Benefits of Lip Augmentation-

  • Immediate Return to Normal Activities For Nonsurgical Procedures
  • The Recovery Period is One Week for Surgical Procedures.
  • Dermalogen or Alloderm Do Not Require Candidates to Provide Donor Tissue
  • Gore-tex Implants are Permanent and Easily Inserted 
  • Temporary Procedures Like Collagen Can Be Appealing to Candidates Who Want to Have a Fuller-lipped Look
  • Lip Augmentation Not Limited to Increasing Only the Size of Thin Lips

Follow-Up Care-

The recovery time for lip augmentation is generally 1-3 days.

However, for 7 to 14 days, after the surgery, the surgeon will ask to avoid any kind of pressure around the lip area. This might include opening the mouth and compressing the lips as the implants can shift out of place. This takes around 1-2 weeks for the tissues to start fixing the implant in place. Some patients could take pain medicine if required. Ice packs could help prevent swelling as well as scarring during recovery.

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