Face Lift in India

Facelift surgery is the most comprehensive method of treating facial wrinkles add sagging skin, giving a youthful appearance. This procedure offsets the signs of aging by tightening the facial muscles and removing fat, making the person look 10-15 years younger.The procedure performed under sedation and local anesthesia and takes approximately 2-4 hours but can take more than that if other cosmetic procedures are involved.

Facelift in India

India is a leading medical tourism destination in Asia. With the advanced medical technology, facilities, and world-class infrastructure it has attracted a lot of international patients. Most of the cosmetic surgeons have done their fellowship from some of the leading centers globally and are well-skilled. The chief reason why India is the most preferred destination is the blend of cutting-end technology, English-speaking medical professionals, and cost-effectiveness.

Cost comparison

The cost of facelift surgery in India, with the quality of treatment and aftercare provided, are comparable with few of the most sought of medical tourism destinations like Thailand, Turkey, and UAE. Facelift Surgery cost in India including the surgery and aftercare is almost less than one-sixth when compared with the treatment cost offered in US or UK.

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