The heart, without doubt, is the most integral organ of the body. And if there happens to be the slightest of complications with it, surgery is the only way out. There are various complications that may arise, complicating matters for a heart. Therefore, there are various methods being mastered by surgeons and experts all over the world.

What Is Closed Heart Surgery?

Everyone seems to rather know what an open heart surgery is. Probably could be owing to the dread that comes with an open heart surgery – which is the opening of the chest. However, a closed heart surgery is not that very different. Closed heart surgery requires your chest being opened nonetheless. But the only difference here is that there this opening would not be to stop the heart or use the heart-lung bypass machine.

A closed heart procedure works with major blood vessels like aorta and the pulmonary arteries. Some of the commonest closed heart surgeries include aortic coarctation repair, shunting operations used to increase the flow of blood to the lungs, the vascular ring division, and pulmonary artery repair.

Closed Heart Surgery in Israel

Over the years, Israel has earned itself quite a reputation when it comes to undertaking complex medical procedures and seeing them off to efficient success. This reputation has spread worldwide, pouring in more revenue in the hands of Israeli medicine, which enables them to stay ahead of the curve in every way.

The world has suddenly turned its eyes towards Israel for respite from heart ailments. Israel flaunts state of the art machinery and equipments which are handled by experts, leading to fantastically accurate results. Closed heart surgeries require the best possible resources. However, by the end of it all, you would not want to spend off all your fortune. If affordable treatment is what you are looking out for, then Israel is where you should be headed. When you opt for closed heart surgery in Israel, you also get expert advice in terms of modifying lifestyle habits and the right medication that will keep relapsing of the heart condition out of the question.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Israel, right now, stands at the epicenter of world-class healthcare. And this has been possible because of the best possible medication and elite teams of doctors always on the site. Apart from that, there are various facilities and governmental agencies that make sure that any and every form of corruption in any medical step of the procedure is kept out of there.

Safety is actually the core of every activity undertaken in Israel. Due to Israel’s access to technology and brilliant doctors, the safety levels are always high. Every provision is undertaken to maintain the safety of each procedure. The records of the patient are also kept under high confidentiality, as a mean of making the overall procedure safe for the patient through and through.

Considering there constantly is access to top quality resources, the success rates of medical procedures in Israel are incredibly enhanced. With the best in class doctors, nurses and surgeons at disposal, personal attention is paid to every patient, leading to every activity in the patient being minutely overlooked.

The cost of any heart surgery in Israel depends upon the severity of the condition. But it would be an accurate estimate to go forth with that on an average, a closed heart surgery would cost anywhere around $5900-$6000. This pricing majorly depends upon the facility you opt for, the price of the consultation, and the medication prescribed.

You can get the best possible closed heart surgery done in hospitals like Rabin Medical Center, Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, The Herzliya Medical Center or the Assuta Hospital Tel-Aviv.

There is an endless list of top cardiologists in Israel, like Sami Viskin, Gady Keren, Yehuda Wolf, David Luria, among a few of the most renowned ones.

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