For the longest time, open heart surgeries were considered to be the only option to treat tricky heart conditions. The major downside to this was that an open heart procedure had many possibilities of going wrong, took a major toll on the patient’s health post the procedure, and would even cost a lot.  All that hassle generating no substantial benefit led to redirecting attention towards a more streamlined and effective procedure. Such a procedure turned out to be the Heart Port Surgery.

The fundamental of the heart port surgery includes insertion of a reservoir compartment that has a silicone bubble. This bubble inserts the needle with an attached plastic tube (known as the Catheter).  This device is placed right under the skin, in the upper chest area. At the outset, it merely appears to be a bump on the skin. Hence it is also commonly referred to as the Minimally Invasive Heart Valve surgery.  It primarily relies on several smaller incisions made in the chest, instead of one massive incision (which happens to be the case during a full open-heart surgery). Not only does this procedure enhance effectiveness, but it also aids speedier recovery of the patient.

Why must you consider getting Heart port Surgery in Israel?

The Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery, though a complicated procedure, is known to be a solution to many heart conditions. Valvular Dysfunctions, coronary artery diseases, and even congenital heart malformations can be treated with this surgery.

Known to be a bright name in the medical fraternity, Israel holds a reputable position in medicine worldwide. Expert doctors from all over the world have been practicing this form of surgery in Israel for decades now. Their expertise is complemented by top notch machinery, thereby bumping success rates higher.  Over the years, Israel has earned a name as a leading nation in heart disease control. Reports suggest that life-threatening heart ailments have reduced by 50% over the past decade in Israel.

This impressive 50 per cent decline is attributed to 82 per cent patients undergoing cardiac catheterization procedures within just hours of the appearance of signs of a heart attack. This is supported by the fact that over the last 30 years, mortality due to heart failures in Israel has dropped.

Cost Comparison

Standard heart port surgery in Israel would ideally cost you around $12,000 USD. As per American standards of heart procedures, a heart valve replacement costs $170,000.  The difference between the prices of the treatments across both the countries is immense. However, the quality of treatment adheres to the same universal standards. Getting yourself treated in Israel would end up saving you a whole lot of money, which can be effectively used in medications later on.

Not only is the pricing slashed to less than half, but the enhancement in quality of treatment is something that cannot be missed. A leading nation in terms of heart treatment, Israel is where your heart disease can definitely finds its termination.  It all adds up to speedier recovery in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With cutting edge technology, and esteemed doctors, surgeons and radiologists tracking every move, you can rest assured that you would return back home with a healthier heart. With the right blend of traditional experience and modern-day innovation implemented to restore your well-being; Israel is a prime destination for heart port surgeries.

The average costing of a heart port surgery in Israel would be $12,000 USD. This pricing, however, stands subjective to the facility you opt for. If you happen to go for a higher end facility for Heart port surgery, your overall price is bound to increase.

The top name, when it comes to Heart port surgery in Israel undoubtedly is Herzliya Medical Center. Dr. Yanai Ben Gal happens to be at the frontier of minimally invasive Cardiac surgery here and is known to have conducted hundreds of such surgeries a year.  He has dealt with some really complicated cases and has emerged successful consistently, which makes him the best bet for your operation

Israel, as a nation, offers the best medical treatment you can find on the planet, especially in terms of heart conditions. However, cities like Jaffa and Tel Aviv stand out to be exceptionally good. The success rate of medical facilities in these cities is remarkably higher and if you are conflicted among the cities to opt for heart surgeries.

Honorary mentions include cities like Jerusalem and Ashdod and even Be’er Sheva, which have carved a name in the medical research arena for exceptional advances in treatment methods.

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