Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea

Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea

South Korea is known for many things including the specialist doctors that are available there for the weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is important for people who are highly obese and are incapable of doing any type of normal exercise to help them shed weight. The doctor suggests weight loss surgery when there is no other option left for the patient. Weight loss is important because excessive weight causes a lot of strain on our internal bodily organs as well as our legs and hands. Besides, if you are traveling to South Korea to have the surgery, it is easy to get the visa, and the ticket prices from popular countries in the world are also quite cheap.

Cost Comparison

South Korea is a developing country and one that is developing fast. Many people are visiting South Korea for business as well as for tourism purposes. And that is another reason why it is easy to find accommodation in South Korea if you plan on having the Weight Loss Surgery there. Because of the steady growth, the prices of medical procedures and surgeries in South Korea is less compared to places like the United States and other neighboring countries.

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Why opt for Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea?

South Korea is a very developed country and has some of the best doctors of the world in their elite hospitals. Because of this, the level of care in South Korean hospitals is also exceptionally high and professional. The care that you receive for the price that you are paying is pretty good. In many other countries like Canada and the United States, you will have to pay much more for the same weight loss surgery than the price that you will be paying in South Korea.

How safe is Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea?

South Korean laws on medical practices are extremely strict and abiding. They have a medical board that constantly monitors and keeps a proper check on all the medical facilities as well as the surgeons and medical practitioners in South Korea. You cannot perform surgery or even practice medicine in South Korea without having a valid registration. This set of measures are some of the few reasons that weight loss surgeries in South Korea are considered to be absolutely safe for all the people who are visiting there and also for the people who are a native of South Korea.

What is the success rate of Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea?

The success rate of the Weight Loss Surgery in the country of South Korea is very high. These rates are comparable to the other developed countries in the field of medical science as well. One of the reasons for this is that South Korean hospitals provide very good care for the patients.

The government of South Korea is heavily investing in the hospitals of the country so as to promote the essential element of medical tourism which will, in turn, increase the GDP of the country and hence it will be beneficial to the government as well. South Korean hospitals are dependent on the international tourists that come to the country of South Korea for having various medical treatments like the weight loss surgery done at lesser rates and hence they maintain their facilities very nicely and maintain high rates of success.

How much is the average cost of Weight Loss Surgery in South Korea?

The average cost of the weight loss surgery in the country of South Korea is mainly based on the type and specifics of the surgery that has been recommended to be performed by the patient's medical practitioner. The cost of the surgery for the average person can range anywhere between $2000 US dollars to $20,000 US dollars depending upon the medical institution that the patient visits for the surgery and the type of the surgery and the experience of the surgeon.

Which are the best clinics in South Korea for Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Severance hospital – This is one of the best hospitals in the city of Seoul in South Korea for having professional weight loss surgery performed. They have a separate department for the weight loss surgeries in the Severance hospital. It is located at the Yonsei University and hence is up to date on all of the latest technology in the field of the weight loss science.

  • Kangbuk Samsung Hospital – This is another hospital in the city of Seoul in South Korea. It is considered as the largest medical institution in the whole of South Korea. The standards that are maintained here are very high because they often cater to international patients that travel to South Korea to have different types of weight loss surgeries.

Hospitals for Bariatric Surgery in South Korea

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