Hospitals for Bariatric Surgery in Israel

Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Israel

Weight Loss Surgery in Israel.

Israel is a very well-known holiday destination. It has some attractive sites to be seen. But then again, Israel is also known for its advanced weight loss surgeries that are performed here. They are all famous because they are priced very low when compared to the same surgery in other countries.

Cost Comparison

The cost of the various weight loss surgeries is lower in Israel when you take into consideration the costs of the same surgery when it is performed in the countries of the United States of America, India, and The United Kingdom and so on.

A typical weight loss surgery costs around USD 16000 to USD 23000 which is cheaper than European countries which range from 15000 pounds to 18000 pounds.

3 Clinics For Bariatric Surgery in Israel




Tel Aviv Medical Center is one of the leading multi-disciplinary hospitals in Israel. The hospital with its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies offering world-class healthcare standards is one of the premier hospitals and a preferred destination for medical tourists coming to Israel from all over the world. Spanning an area of around 52 acres, the hospital comprises of 60 departments across its 5 institutions. Statistics report that the center on average oversees 101,000 admissions, 34000 surgical… Read More

Tel-Aviv, Israel




Assuta Medical Center is a leading private hospital in the capital city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Assuta is the biggest chain of hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel with four operational state-of –art advanced hospitals. The four hospitals include:- Ramat Ha Hayal Hospital Assuta Rishon Lezion Assuta Haifa Assuta Beersheeba Apart from the above the Assuta group also operates:- Assuta Ha Shalom – An advanced and innovative centre for medical examinations. Assuta Ashdod –… Read More

herzliya, Israel




Herzliya Medical Center is a leading private hospital offering services across multiple disciplines to not only Israeli national but also medical tourists from abroad who come to Israel for quality treatment at best possible prices. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Israel with 7 operating rooms and treating around 8000 outbound patients on a daily basis. The hospital employs 350 doctors, 196 nurses including those with advanced certification. HMC’s patient-centric approach, personalized treatment… Read More


Why choose weight loss surgery in Israel?

Israel is a very medically advanced country. It has the best facilities for the people who are native to the country of Israel and also has all the best and required facilities for the people who are traveling to the country of Israel. The doctors in the country of Israel are very talented and experienced. They have performed all the various weight loss surgeries in Israel with high accuracy and high precision.

What is the average cost of weight loss surgery in Israel?

The weight loss surgery cost is actually dependent on various factors in the country of Israel. The cost is dependent mainly on the procedure and the doctor and the hospital where the medical patient requests to have the weight loss surgery done. The average cost can vary anywhere between the range of USD 30000 to USD 40000 depending on the type of weight loss surgery that the doctor or medical practitioner recommends for the patient.

What are the different types of weight loss surgeries conducted in Israel?

There are many different types of weight loss surgery that is conducted in the country of Israel. The doctor will recommend the nested type that is suited for a particular patient. The most common ones that are done by the surgeons in Israel include, but are not limited to the stomach stapling weight loss surgery, where the stomach is stapled and made smaller than it usually is.

Then we also have the Sleeve Gastrectomy weight loss operation. The Gastric Band weight loss surgery also popularly known as the Lap band weight loss surgery is also performed in Israel. The Extensive Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery is another popular weight loss surgery in Israel. Another new weight loss surgery is the Roux – en - Y Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery, which is performed by the top doctors and surgeons in Israel.

How successful is weight loss surgeries in Israel?

The weight loss surgeries that are performed in the country of Israel is very successful. The percentage of success is in the higher rates than in other places in other countries that are offering the same surgery. The hospitals in Israel are very well organized, and they are very hygienic and are absolutely safe. The staff is also trained by the doctors to be very well and efficient so that there are no problems during the surgeries.

Which are the best Clinics for Weight Loss Surgery in Israel?

There are many clinics that are in Israel that are offering weight loss surgery. Some of the best ones are:

  • Sourasky Medical Center – Situated in the city of Tel Aviv. This is a very famous and popular hospital for the new age weight loss surgeries that are performed. They have extremely convenient, and accessible facilities and are very helpful for foreign tourist patients who come here for their weight loss surgeries. The weight loss surgery department in the Sourasky Medical Center has an affiliation with the one and only Sackler Faculty of Medicine at the famous Tel Aviv University.

  • Rabin Medical Center – the Rabin Medical Center is another hospital and medical institution that is frequented by the locals IN Israel for the different types of weight loss surgeries. The Rabin Medical Center has very good facilities for weight loss surgery and also for other related surgeries. They have a big area of built up buildings which are able to accommodate their elite operation theatres and other related facilities easily. It is situated in the city of Petah Tikva in Israel.

Which are the best cities for Weight Loss Surgery in Israel?

There are many cities in Israel that have hospitals and medical centers that are offering weight loss surgeries to the people from overseas as well as the local people of Israel. The most common clusters of these medical institutions are resent in the cities of Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva and so on. These cities have smart accommodation facilities, and they also have professional medical staff and doctors residing in them.

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