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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the 5 best general surgeons in Dubai? ?

There are several general surgeons in Dubai who have made a mark among the medical tourists visiting the city to avail uncompromised treatment facilities. These specialists are not only admired for their exceptional work, but also for their patient management. Hence, some of the best general surgeons in Dubai are:

  • Dr. Frea Ramzi Perdawood: Dr. Perdawood is one of the most appreciated general surgeons in Dubai, who is currently working in the prestigious American Hospital Dubai. Apart from that, she is also an eminent breast oncologist which makes her more versatile than most of the specialists. She is enriched with nearly a decade of working experience and has earned Fellowships and training in various oncology diagnosis and treatment procedures.

  • Dr. Maen Al Khateeb: Dr. Khateeb is one of the best general surgeons in Dubai who presently works in the prestigious Florentia Hospital. Besides having a decade of experience, he has also attained specialization degrees and fellowships in cosmetic surgeries which include facial and dental implantology, Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Digital and Cosmetic Dentistry, Laser, and Aesthetics.

  • Dr. Majid M Bassuni: Dr. Bassuni is one of the senior-most general surgeons in Dubai globally appreciated by every patient he has treated. His success rate over a period of 35 years, has rightfully given him the prestige and reputation he deserves. His area of interest practically revolves around every aspect, however, his expertise is General Surgery mostly related to Upper gastrointestinal procedure, liver and gall bladder related issues, Breast / Thyroid Gland – Disease, Colorectal Procedure / Surgery, upper and lower gastrointestinal tract examination (without anesthesia), Hernias / Pelvic floor disorder, general surgery management. 

  • Dr. Ali Raza Eghtedari: Dr. Eghtedari currently works in the King's College and Hospital London, Dubai Hills. He is one of the finest general surgeons in Dubai who is enriched with years of dedicated service in various hospitals in and around the city. His area of clinical focus revolves around laparoscopic surgery, general surgery, and various oncology surgery.

  • Dr. Hesham Souka: Dr. Souka is one of the most popular specialists in Dubai, U.A.E. Not only as a surgeon but also as a lecturer he has attended several international meetings and shared his knowledge with thousands of reputed physicians and surgeons all across the world. Owing to the years of experience bagged and the number of degrees, fellowships and training attained, he is undoubtedly one of the best general surgeons in Dubai, whose clinical focus are various kinds of gastrointestinal surgeries, involving both upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts. 

Which are the best hospitals for general surgery in U.A.E.?

General surgeons are appointed in almost every hospital owing to their universal need for consultation in a large number of cases. Although U.A.E. is studded with efficient hospitals, yet a handful of hospitals, government or private, are known to flaunt the best general surgeons in Dubai. Hence, some of such hospitals for availing general surgery are:

  • King's College Hospital - Dubai Hills

  • Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai

  • Thumbay Hospital Daycare, University City Road, Muweila, Sharjah

  • Marina Medical Center, Dubai Marina Clinics

  • NMC Royal Hospital, DIP

Why should you opt for the best general surgeon in Dubai?

The general surgeons in Dubai are not only furnished with degrees from prestigious universities but also are thoroughly trained to operate modern devices. Opting for the best surgeons is always imperative owing to their exceptional knowledge and skill which is inculcated through years of service. Thus, the best surgeons are solely acknowledged via their umpteenth precision in diagnosis and providing the best care needed by the candidate. 

Are the general surgeons in Dubai familiar with the latest techniques?

The general surgeons of Dubai are specifically trained to be at par with the modern advancements which are introduced in medial science with progressing years. Dubai is one of the most advanced cities which has excelled in almost every field and has made the visitors gasp in awe. The same is duly implemented in the medical field, which is one of the many reasons why millions of people flock to the city to avail of unfaltering treatment. The surgeons are completely aware of the latest techniques and are wise enough to decide which should be implemented where. 

What are the qualifications and expertise of general surgeons in Dubai?

The general surgeons are furnished by MS in General Surgery which is preceded by MBBS. Henceforth, the surgeon may also receive a specialization degree in M.Ch. from any MCI approved university of personal choice. Apart from that, almost four to five years of residency training is also necessary.

Which cities in U.A.E have the best general surgeons?

The United Arab Emirates flaunts a large number of reputed hospitals both government as well as private. Almost a handful of them is decorated with the best general surgeons, which is why such hospitals and cities experience a large thoroughfare of visitors all year round. Hence, such cities in U.A.E. which are well-known for housing the best general surgeons are:

  • Dubai

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Jumeirah

  • Sharjah

How do I schedule for online consultation with the best general surgeons in Dubai?

Dubai has established a systemic way of booking appointments for medical tourists in a hassle-free way. The best general surgeons in Dubai are available for consultation in reputed hospitals and multispecialty health clinics all across the city. Most of such hospitals accept either in-person appointment or online bookings. In the case of the latter, the procedure mostly varies from hospital to clinic. Hence, in order to avail of necessary appointments with general surgeons in Dubai, one must thoroughly check the procedures and protocols listed by the website itself.

How do I schedule an Online Consultation with the best General Surgeon in United Arab Emirates?
MediGence brings some of the most experienced and awarded General Surgeon from all over United Arab Emirates. To avail the online consultation with the doctor:
  • Simply search the doctor by name or the speciality by clicking here
  • Select the doctor of your choice.
  • Chose the day for the consultation.
  • Quick registration in one single step.
  • Pay online using PayPal to book an appointment for the video consultation with the top General Surgeon.
Which are the countries from where I can avail General Surgeon for telemedicine?
You can avail the doctors from over 10+ countries. General Surgeon are available from India, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Dubai and many more destinations. You can pick and choose the specialist from the country of your choice based on your preferences and requirements.
How much does it cost for the online consultation with the General Surgeon?
You have the option to choose the doctor from the pool of our handpicked top General Surgeon from worldwide. The video consultation charges differ from country to the country starting from 25 USD and it goes up to 750 USD. You may find all the information about the top General Surgeon, consultation charges on our website. Please follow the link to start your journey with us.
How does MediGence ensure that online consultation is safe on their platform?
We strictly follow HIPAA and GDPR compliance level data safety and security standards. We do not store any data with respect to your online consultation with the doctor and moreover your medical records are stored in the HIPAA compliant cloud in the encrypted format. Once you finish your video consultation with the doctor, you receive a link on your email and the dashboard to download the recording that is valid only for 72 hours. On expiry, the video is permanently deleted.