Patient from Pakistan underwent Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Patient from Pakistan underwent Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey
  • Patient Name : Mrs. Farhat Ejaz
  • From Country : Pakistan
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Breast Cancer
  • Hospital : Medicana Camlica Hospital, Istanbul

The MediGence staff are the best and they all are lovely 😍😍 They supported and guided us throughout. Their guidance helped us to stay here and they helped us in every situation peacefully and humbly.

Pre- Treatment

Pakistani national Mrs. Farhat Ejaz, 46, struggled with a chest infection and had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hira Ejaz, daughter of Mrs. Farhat Ejaz, was searching for the best options for the treatment of her mother in Turkey when she came across MediGence. She got in touch with us via direct call wherein she received prompt assistance from the Patient Advisory (PA) team at MediGence.

The PA team got in touch with Hira and went through the entire medical history of her mother including all the medical test reports as shared by her. Upon a thorough discussion, it was revealed that Hira’s mother had not been keeping well because of recurrent chest congestion and infection. Moreover, recently she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Understanding the criticality of the patient’s condition and their preference for Turkey as their treatment destination, the PA team consulted with some of the experienced surgical oncologists in Turkey and got back to them with the options detailing the complete opinion and cost details. After reviewing the suggested options, they decided to go ahead with Dr. Seckin Kacamak, General Surgeon at Medicana Camlica Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Kacamak is a well-known general surgeon in Istanbul with more than 22 years of experience. Medicana Camlica Hospital is one of the premium multispecialty hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey.

Treatment Process

Mrs. Ejaz arrived in Istanbul on the 5th of August, 2019 accompanied by her daughter where they were received by the hospital’s patient care team as coordinated by MediGence. They were taken directly to the hospital where they had their first consultation with Dr. Kacamak. Based on the doctor’s advise, Mrs. Ejaz was admitted to Medicana Camlica Hospital on the same day to perform the MRI, PET scan and other tests.

The test results did not reveal any distant metastasis. However, the axillary lymph nodes tested positive. Therefore, on the next day, Radical Mastectomy procedure was performed along with Axillectomy to remove the infected lymph nodes.

Radical mastectomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the entire breast including the breast tissues, skin, areola, nipple and most of the underarm (axillary) lymph nodes.

The Surgery was conducted successfully, however, Mrs. Ejaz’s chest infection got severe and her hospital stay had to be extended to clear the lungs and treat the infection.


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Post- Treatment

Mrs. Ejaz was discharged from the hospital after 10 days when her chest infection was clear and she had recovered fully.

They were very happy with the treatment and care provided to them by Dr. Kacamak and the staff of Medicana Camila Hospital. They also appreciated the end-to-end assistance and treatment coordination as provided by MediGence throughout their medical travel.

Thereafter, Mrs. Ejaz and her daughter returned to Pakistan after a month and started with her chemotherapy sessions.

Presently, Mrs. Ejaz is doing well. She is currently starting off with her fourth chemotherapy cycle.

Team MediGence wishes Mrs. Farhat Ejaz a happy and healthy future!

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