Patient from Mauritius Underwent Bilateral Computerized Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Patient from Mauritius Underwent Bilateral Computerized Knee Replacement Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : Jean Claude Parfait
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Bilateral Computerized Knee Replacement
  • Hospital : W. Pratiksha Hospital

I’m very thankful to Dr. Hemant for his compassionate guidance throughout my treatment. l also thank MediGence team for their exemplary support and the help they provided to me and my wife overall in managing our medical travel.

Pre- Treatment

Mauritius national Jean Claude Parfait, 65, suffered from acute pain in his knees that hampered his mobility and the ability to perform day-to-day activities.

When he visited his local doctor, the X-ray of the knee confirmed that he had severe osteoarthritis of both the knee. He was put on medications but when there was no relief, he decided to contact his medical insurance to suggest him options for computerized or robotic knee surgery abroad.

The medical insurance contacted MediGence to suggest them a few options from India for Mr. Parfait’s surgery. The entire medical history along with the X-rays were shared with the Patient Advisory (PA) team for a review.

After receiving the reports, the team discussed it with handpicked knee replacement surgeons in Delhi. After reviewing the options provided by the team, the insurance company decided to proceed with Dr. Hemant Sharma, Orthopedic Surgeon at W Pratiksha Hospital in Gurugram for his treatment.

Dr. Hemant Sharma is an renowned name in India in the field of orthopedics with an experience of over 22 years and is a certified Fellow by Royal College of Surgeons of England. He is a well-known surgeon in the field of Knee and Hip Joint Replacement in India.


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Mr. Parfait arrived in India on the 6th of January along with his wife. They were received at the airport and comfortably accommodated to their hotel by the assigned PA team member. Based on the doctor’s appointment as scheduled, Mr. Parfait was accompanied for his first consultation with Dr. Sharma on 7th of January. During the consultation, Dr. Sharma examined Mr. Parfait’s knees and recommended him to undergo a few medical tests as a part of pre-operative assessment.
After the assessment of the medical reports, the surgical details and plan was discussed by Dr. Sharma with Mr. Parfait. He was posted for Bilateral Computerized Knee Replacement Surgery on 8th of January.


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The surgery was performed successfully. Dr. Hemant counseled Mr. Parfait and his wife on the post-operative care, which included undergoing regular physiotherapy sessions, for smooth and quick recovery. He was also recommended to refrain from driving any vehicle for six months. However, he was advised that he can slowly back to his normal day-to-day activities after completing physical rehabilitation for about three to four weeks in continuity.

Mr. Parfait continued to take regular physiotherapy sessions after getting discharged from the hospital, which led to significant improvement in his mobility. Eventually, he started to walk with the support of a walker and knee pain and inflammation started to subside as well. Very soon, Mr. Parfait will be able to walk freely without any support and will be able to carry on all the normal day-to-day activities such as climbing stairs, bending, and sitting.

Mr. Parfait and his wife were very happy with Dr. Hemant’s treatment approach. They were also satisfied with the assistance and care provided by the staff of W Pratiksha Hospital. The couple appreciated MediGence for seamlessly managing their medical travel and treatment which helped them immensely in making their healing journey hassle-free.

Mr. Parfait and his wife returned to Mauritius on 30th of January.

MediGence wishes Jean Claude Parfait a happy and healthy life ahead!

Amit Bansal

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