Medical Tourism in Turkey | Medical Treatment in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey | Medical Treatment in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

This country is one of the most popular destinations spots for medical tourists across the world. Approximately half a million medical tourists visited here last year, and the number is increasing on a continuous basis. The Addition of plastic surgeries has raised the number to 700 K as per the data compiled by the representatives of Medical Tourism in Turkey. Turkey, officially called the Republic of Turkey is situated at a location where the world’s oldest continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe are closest to each other.

Qualities that make Turkey one of the best places for Medical Tourism

Tourists don’t come to Turkey only to enjoy the Sun and amazing sights, but a lot many people come here for medical treatments because this country is known to provide one of the best medical facilities maintaining the same quality as that of the US and German Medical sectors.

This country is known to provide some of the best features that are hardly seen in other countries:

  • Low-cost treatments are available without compromising on quality.
  • No delays in attending the tourists for Medical Assistance
  • Team of Highly-qualified Doctors
  • Treatments via the latest technology-driven equipment
  • There is approximately a 40-50% difference in the treatment cost of this country and the UK.
  • Top-quality treatment is matching with European standards.

Some of the famous and Best Hospitals in Turkey that are worth mentioning here are listed below:

Medicana Group of Hospitals is known for world its world-class services in all its hospitals. Medicana Ankara Hospital is one of the biggest health centers in the capital city and also one of the most demanded because of the comprehensive range of treatments offered in the hospital. Medicana Ankara was one of the first hospitals to include Cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, Cyberknife, Nuclear medicine, Kidney transplants, bone marrow transplants, liver... Read More




DOCTORS in 12 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • ISO 9001
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Located in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, Medicana International has been a pioneer in innovation since its establishment in the year 2010. A part of the Medicana Health Group, which is amongst the biggest companies to invest in the health sector in Turkey, this hospital is modeled to be the best in providing care for cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, organ transplant, fertility care, obesity surgery, nuclear medicine, eye care, hair transplant, thoracic surgery, ge... Read More




DOCTORS in 10 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a modern JCI accredited hospital of the Memorial Health Group. Its known as one of the most advanced hospitals of Turkey. With JCI accreditation and AHA membership, they are the leaders in Turkish healthcare. Since its inception in 2010, Memorial Antalya hospital is proudly carryingthe tradition of providing the finest medical services to its patients.

The Antalya MEMORIAL Hair Clinic attracts a num... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Medicana Samsun Hospital was set up as a result of partnership between Borsan Group and Medicana Health Group as Borsan Group & investment in the healthcare sector. Medicana began operation in 2006 and is the biggest and most modern hospital in the Black Sea region.The hospital is one of Turkey & biggest hospital in terms of volume, function and comfort. Spread over an area of 30,000 square meter indoor area the hospital caters to all medical needs of both national and nternatio... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Liv Hospital ever since its inception 4 years ago has been the pioneer of reliable and quality healthcare services through its experienced team of physicians team and patient-focused approach. The hospital aims at imparting holistic healthcare by simultaneously utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and therapeutic methods. Liv Hospital is one of the premier international health centers with two branches in Istanbul, Ankara, and a ... Read More




DOCTORS in 12 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities



  • Anadolu Medical Center:

    A private hospital in Gebze in Istanbul, JCI accredited. This is a well-known hospital and amongst the 10 Best Hospitals across the world specializing in Bone Marrow Transplantation, Neurosurgery & Neurology, Urology, Thoracic, Cardiovascular Health, Women’s Health issues, etc.

  • Austria St. George Private Hospital:

    Private hospital equipped with Modern Technology specializing in Bariatric-Weight loss surgeries, Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Orthopedic, Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery.

  • Memorial Private Hospital:

    Providing high-quality services matching up to the standard of the International level specializing in cardiology & cardiovascular surgery, organ transplant, IVF, and genetics.

  • Liv Hospital Ulus:

    They are specializing in aesthetical treatments, anesthesia, and reanimation, bariatric surgery, brain and nerve surgery, cardiology & cardiovascular surgery, chest surgery, dermatology, diabetes, ear nose throat diseases, to list a few.

  • Dünyagöz Hospital:

    Eye care specialists with over different Eye care centers in Turkey and Europe cure Eye problems using the latest techniques.

  • Acıbadem Healthcare Group:

    It provides medical services to International patients. The Center of Excellence of this group lies in Robotics. This hospital is a complete solution to all of your problems.


    Pioneered health tourism in the country offering multi-
    disciplinary health treatments to international patients. Compatible with Service Quality
    Standards of the Ministry of Health and accreditation standards of JCI.

  •  ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTEROffers complete range of Cosmetic surgery, Hair Transplants,
    Medical Aesthetics and Dental treatments through their team of highly experienced Doctors and
    medical specialists.

Treatments that Turkey is best known for:

Turkey is well-known for Elective Surgery. This country has been providing world-class thermal SPA Resorts and many other services to medical tourists and some of them have been listed below:

  • Beauty Centers
  • Eye Health
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Fertility and Sterility
  • General and Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Obesity and Bariatric Surgery
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stem Cell Transplantations
  • Psoriasis Treatment

Turkey Medical Tourism services are provided using Modern medical equipment based on the latest technology

  • Flash CT-World’s fastest Cardio check-up device
  • 3Tesla MRI for scanning and treating tumors
  • Rapid arc for Cancer Treatment
  • True bean SX for treating the tumors caused by the high dose of radiations
  • Single-dose therapy to combat breast cancer
  • Full-body MRI
  • Pre- Requisites for Tourists Visa

For tourists Visa, foreigners must contact Turkish missions abroad or the e-visa website of this country to get an e-visa on arrival. The fees for American citizens for getting this e-visa on arrival areUS$30.00.

However, if a visa is obtained from a Turkish Embassy, then the cost is quite more and rather varies depending upon your interest in staying in the country. US$60 is charged for a single-person entry with validity up to one year and $200 for five years.

For tourism and business-related visa, a traveler can stay in the country for 90 days within 6 months’ time.

Process for Medical Tourist visa in Turkey

A Medical Tourist Visa is required to travel to this country for Medical Treatments. You need to apply for a Medical visa under the Non-Immigrant visa category. You may enter with a Valid Tourist visa of this country and get Medical assistance thereafter.

Americans can easily get a Tourist Visa from Turkey from any place Turkish consulates around the US or Turkey itself. Other foreigners need to apply for tourist or business visas before arriving in this Country. You can contact Turkey Consulate personally or via email. Steps to follow:

  • Fill up the information asked in the Visa Application form neatly and in bold letters in dark or blue pen only. Messy Application will be strictly rejected.
  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of up to 3-months on the date you are applying. Minimum two blank pages are a must.
  • Visa Application Fee in cash is non-refundable. For a single applicant, the fee is US $ 20 cash or money order or $65 for a number of entries that are payable to the Turkish embassy. Checks are not accepted in any case.

Cost of Medical Treatment in Turkey

Medical Procedures
Procedure UK Hospitals Turkey Average Savings
Coronary Angioplasty $13,000 – $15,000 $5,000 – $6,000 60% – 65%
Hip Replacement $13,500 – $14,500 $6,500 – $7,500 45% – 50$
Prostrate Removal (Prostatectomy) $7,000 – $8,000 $5,500 – $6,500 15% – 20%
Knee Replacement $16,000 – $17,000 $7,000 – $8,000 50% – 60%
Hemorrhoids Removal $3,000 – $4,000 $1,500 – $2,500 45% – 55%
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Procedure UK Hospitals Turkey Average Savings
Face Lift (rhytidectomy) $11,000 – $12,000 $3,000 – $4,000 65% – 75%
Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty) $7,000 – $8,000 $3,000 – $4,000 50% – 60%
Breast Reduction $8,000 – $9,000 $3,500 – $4,500 50% – 60%
Liposuction (lipoplasty) $5,000 – $6,000 $2,000 – $3,000 55% – 65%
Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) $5,500 – $6,500 $3,000 – $4,000 40% – 45%
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) $8,000 – $9,000 $3,000 – $4,000 55% – 60%
Eye / Ophthalmology
Procedure UK Hospitals Turkey Average Savings
LASIK Eye Surgery $1,500 – $2,500 $1,000 – $1,500 20% – 25%
Cataract Removal $4,000 – $5,000 $1,000 – $2,000 55% – 65%
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Procedure UK Hospitals Turkey Average Savings
Root Canal (per canal) $300 – $400 $100 – $150 55% – 65%
Tooth Whitening $900 – $1200 $400 – $500 50% – 60%
Dental Implants $3,000 – $4,000 $900 – $1500 70% – 75%
Gold Crowns $800 – $850 $200 – $250 70% – 75%

Some travel tips for Medical Tourists in Turkey that a foreigner should never forget:

This country is full of mouthwatering dishes like Yaprak Sorma Dolma, Taze Fazulye, kebabs, Doner, Kofte, etc that should not be skipped while visiting this amazing country.

The Rock Sites of Cappadocia and Göreme National Park, the Hittite capital, Nemrut Dağare are some of the World Heritage sites that should be seen on a prior basis.

  • Shopping lovers can go to Spice Bazar, Grand Bazar, Supermarkets, and some Local shops to get a unique collection of jewelry and art pieces.
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport with you all the time.
  • Be cautious while taking public transport
  • Check for your Visa Validity, if expired things can get tough for you here.
  • Contact at info desk provided at the airport for tourists’ assistance.
  • Best time to visit this country

Turkey is a beautiful place worth seeing; still, there are options for seasons that can be selected to visit this country at its best time:

  • Spring season (April to mid of June) is the best time to visit when moderate weather and long days give you plenty of time to enjoy
  • The Autumn season (mid of September to October) is the second option if you can’t plan in the spring season when mild weather, short days, and rainy season make your day happier.
  • Summer (mid of June to mid-September) is quite hot and seaside resorts are crowded this time.
    Winters (November to Feb) are chilled and rainy days when the crowd is less to compensate for the temperature.

Is Turkey Safe for Tourists

Around 78 million people living in Turkey commute every day to go to their offices and carry everyday activities without fear.

There are considerably lesser risks of political, military or any other violence and the government have taken steps to make Tourists life safer and secured so you can plan your trip without any hassle.

Cultural do’s and don’ts

  • Make sure you remove your shoes before you enter the Mosque.
  • Women cover their hair and men don’t wear shorts in Mosque
  • Wear conservative clothes outside the village area.
  • Do learn basic Turkish words of saying yes and No.
  • Avoid making OK signs with thumb and finger. It is considered an offensive act in Turkey.
  • Avoid being loud, because Turkish speak politely.
  • Turkey is not just a place where you can spend your vacations and have fun rather it houses some of the best hospitals for treating Medical Tourists with the latest techniques at affordable Medical Treatments packages in Turkey.
  • Overall, Turkey is a one-stop Medical Tourists destination for foreigners coming from overseas

Erdal Karaoz

Transplant Surgeon - Stem Cells Therapy

Liv Hospital Ulus , Istanbul,Turkey

34 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr Erdal Karaoz is experienced gene therapy and stem cell doctor working at the Liv Cancer Centre Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey. He specialises in Stem Cell, Gene Therapy and Tissue Engineering at LIV Ulus Hospital. He obtained his bachelor degree from the Dicle University, Faculty of Science, Biology Depart. He then went onto get his Masters Degree from the same university.... View bio

Akin Akakin

Brain and Spine Specialist - Neurosurgeon

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital , Istanbul,Turkey

19 of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr. Akin Akakin is a highly experienced Neurosurgeon with more than 19 years of clinical practice. Dr. Akin Akakin has completed his studies in 2008 from theDepartment of Brain And Nerve Surgery, Marmara University Medical Faculty. Later on, in 2006 he was awarded the"Brain Research Award" by the Turkish Brain Research Society. Apart from that following are the list of awards that he has received: Synthes ... View bio

Emel Ceylan Gunay

Cancer Specialist - Radiation Oncologist

Liv Hospital Ulus , Istanbul,Turkey

17 Years of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr Emel Gunay is a distinguished nuclear medicine specialist at the Liv Hospital Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey. She specialises in Nuclear Oncology, Radionuclide Therapies and Routine Nuclear Medicine Applications. She obtained her medical education from the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. She also obtained her degree in nuclear medicine from the Hacettepe University... View bio

Halil Ibrahim Balci

Orthopedics Specialist - Orthopedic Surgeon

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital , Istanbul,Turkey

15 of experience

Qualification and Experience

Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci is a world-class Orthopedic surgeon. He is noted for going above and beyond his professional duties to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care. He is well-known for adhering to the profession's principles and delivering the best effective results possible. Dr. Associate Professor Halil İbrahim Balci has completed his professional education from Faculty of Medicine, ... View bio

Rıdvan Duran

ENT Specialist - ENT Surgeon

Can Hospital , Izmir,Turkey

13 of experience

Overview of Dr. Ridvan Duran

With over 12 years of experience in the field of ENT surgery, Dr. Ridvan Duran has performed thousands of surgeries effectively. In 2007, he completed his graduation at Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. After his graduation, he worked as an intern at the University of Porto Medical School in Portugal. He finished his specialization in ear, nose, and throat surgery in 20... View bio

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