Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico, the land of the Tortillas and the Sombrero is a country known to almost everyone in the world due to its cultural heritage and the spicy food it provides. It is said that the one who has not been to Mexico has missed the most revered culture of the world. The nation is located in the southern part of North America, right below to the United States of America’s border. Medical Tourism Mexico

There can be various reasons for which the tourists visit Mexico, medical tourism in Mexico being one of them due to its cheap and easy reachability, the quality and one of the best medical sciences in the world. Mexico boasts of more than 12 or 13 destinations which are specialized in medical tourism, places which provide medical healthcare of the highest levels in different fields like Oncology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology and a lot more to the list. A study by UCLA suggests that more than a million people from Canada and the USA, mainly California fly down to Mexico for medical care and precisely, medical tourism.

Why Mexico?

The reasons so as to choose Mexico over the other tourist destination for medical care can be different and a lot.

  • First of all, for the people based in USA, Canada, and other economically strong nations, they should choose it because of the price difference and better quality.
  • Due to its proximity to the USA, the quality is world class with a much lower pricing.
    Secondly, Mexico being a smaller country provides a possibility to move inside the country for different treatments.
  • In case of medical tourism, the Mexican doctors are with lot more experience than the American or the Canadian doctors, due to the population in their respective countries
  • Therefore a visibility to a more number of patients, henceforth better experience. A majority of medical tourism in Mexico is Dentistry or Cosmetic surgeries.

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Where to go for Medical Tourism in Mexico?

Following are the Best hospitals in Mexico for medical tourism purposes, which also provide one of the best Medical treatment packages in Mexico:

Hospital San Hose Tec de Monterrey :

This hospital boasts of more than 18000 full-time Students and is in the operation of more than 30 campuses in the whole of Mexico. It educates health professionals and specializes in Biotechnology transfer apart from Medical Care.

Salutaris Medical Center, Gualadajara

It is known for a short patient stay facility and a very good outpatient department. It also specializes in cosmetic and general surgery.

Hospital Angeles, Tijuana

It is a part of the Tijuana Group consisting of 18 Hospitals in total, the best being here. The specialty of this hospital is intensive care post.

Almater Hospital, Mexicali

It began providing healthcare services in 1985 and has been doing it reasonably well since then. This hospital specializes in trauma care, round the clock medical emergencies and predominantly fertility treatment.

Dental Implant Center, Los Algodones

It features the latest dental procedures for the dental implantation techniques, specializes in cosmetic and implantation dentistry.
Hospital Velmar, Ensenada – This hospital has a well-equipped team of 50 physicians providing medical and surgical emergency care in over 20 specialties. The best part of this hospital remains that all the doctors are required to speak English.
Treatments Mexico is known for

Mexico is mainly known for its dentistry and cosmetic surgery techniques because of its easy accessibility and inexpensive fee structure. For example, a simple cosmetic procedure of face lifting costing $ 18000 in the USA is priced at a highly competitive price of $ 5000 in Mexico. Similarly, the pricings can be easily distinguished from the USA or any other advanced medical system with easy reach ability and extraordinary private care. Alternatives cancer treatments are also done here.

Visa Requirement

Getting a visa for Mexico might be an issue for the outsiders, for example, the Asian and the African nationals due to the drastic drug abuse, but normally the medical tourism can be and is usually made an exception provided the medical grounds are genuine. In some critical cases, the visa is issued at the earliest for the treatment, as health and body wait for no one. A nominal fee of not more than $ 180 is required to visit Mexico and that can be and is afforded by the ones who can afford a treatment in there.

Travel Tips

  • Anyone travelling to Mexico must be fully prepared to adjust according to the country’s climate and system, drinking of a lot of fluids is necessary to avoid dehydration.
  • The temperature varies in different regions of Mexico, although Mexico is a little hot place during June till September.
  • The winter from October- December is usually very chilly. Therefore the best time of the year to visit Mexico is from January to April. During this time the weather is very pleasant.
  • And you should also know that during June till November, hurricane season occurs, so also avoid visiting Mexico during these months.
  • Remember to take the casual clothing and some comfortable shoes with a pair of sunglass. These things are always a good idea while travelling in Mexico.
  • Carrying a valid Passport in hand will be appropriate, if possible having a scan of the passports and other id’s in the emails is also a very good idea.
  • US Dollars are widely accepted, but carrying Mexican Pesos will be of advice as in some places it might be an issue to find an exchange for currency.
  • Trying the Mexican hot and spicy food for a taste apart from the treatment (if not related to your diet) is a must. A Mexican beer with a tortilla in hand goes well, to begin with.
    Cultural Etiquettes To Take Care Of
  • Not showing up too early for lunch, arriving after 1 pm and before 3 pm is always a good idea.
    Having basic knowledge of Spanish is always handy. In addition to it, having a basic knowledge of the country’s geography is necessary.
  • Don’t hire taxis from the streets if you don’t know your way around.
  • There exists a disregard for being unpunctual.
  • To end it with a surprise, never drink the local tap water.
  • Mexico also owns a national certification program given by the general healthcare commission.
  • They have been highly accredited for their medical services over all and for putting patients safety first. During the swine flu outbreak in 2009 Mexico’s medical support was highly appreciated by world health organization (WHO)

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