Medical Tourism To India From Africa: Complete Medical Solution At An Affordable Cost

Medical Tourism To India From Africa: Complete Medical Solution At An Affordable Cost

The culture, wildlife, and people within one part of the African subcontinent to another differ greatly. Due to the diverse nature of the lifestyle habits, climate, and other conditions within the African countries, the extent and the nature of diseases that affect the natives also varies from one region to another. Medical Tourism to India has provided a new leash to life for African patients looking for Quality yet Affordable Treatment.

Communicable diseases in Africa account for almost two-thirds of the total disease burden and the rest is because of non-communicable diseases and physical injuries. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and some tropical diseases have been some of the major killers in Africa. Not only has the healthcare in Africa suffered, but the quality of treatments in countries like India has greatly improved. Thus Medical Tourism to India is now viable for African Patients looking for treatment abroad

 This article explores some of the reasons why it becomes mandatory for African patients to seek medical treatment in India for medical treatment. In addition, it also examines the success stories of patients who took the right medical tourism decision to save their lives.


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The Healthcare Crisis In Africa

A majority of Africans decide to travel to other countries for medical treatment in case of a serious illness or disease. According to the World Health Organization, more than 95 percent of the Africans decide to travel to the Asian or European countries for quality treatment.

There are several reasons why an African patient decides to seek medical treatment in India and other continents. The three topmost reasons include the following:

  • The absence of strict healthcare policies

  • Problems with access to minimal healthcare

  • The unavailability of technologically advanced hospitals and clinics

Even though the mortality rate of adults and children has significantly reduced in the last few years in Africa, it is still not on par with what it should be. Moreover, the hospital infrastructure continues to remain underdeveloped, with people missing out on the best treatment services. The absence of cheap yet advanced medical technology threatens the safety of patients who are critically ill. Most often, highly-specialized medical care is unavailable to them unless they decide to travel to another continent for medical treatment.

There are several other reasons that refrain African patients from seeking immediate medical care within their own continent. Some of the major reasons include the following:

  • Poor leadership and governance

  • Lack of healthcare access to patients from poor income ground

  • Quality healthcare is restricted to just wealthiest African families

  • Lack of human resources and trained medical and paramedical staff

  • Insufficient health funding and financing

  • No developments in the field of healthcare research and development

  • Unavailability of quality medicines and latest healthcare technologies

  • Poor service delivery network

  • The absence of internationally accredited hospital

Why traveling to India seems beneficial to African patients?

Because of all these reasons mentioned before, a large majority of patients in African have to travel to another continent for medical treatment. Asia and Africa are the two leading destinations, followed by Latin America.

The WHO estimates that more than 95 percent of the African patients interested in medical tourism prefer to seek medical treatment in Asia. This is followed by 4 percent of the patients who travel to a European country for medical treatment. Hence the boom in Medical Tourism to India has facilitated the rise in the number of African patients.

There are a number of reasons why African patients prefer to visit Europe and Asia for medical treatment. The following are some of the leading reasons:

Better access to quality healthcare

The quality of medical treatment in Asia and Europe both are recognized globally. The best hospitals in these two continents possess the most advanced technology used for the treatment of all categories of patients. There is no type of treatment that a medical tourist from Africa cannot avail in Asian and European countries.

Highly-skilled doctors and surgeons

The team of doctors, surgeons, other medical specialists in India are highly skilled and experienced. A majority of top orthopedic doctors, oncologists, cardiologists, pulmonary specialists and general surgery doctors house in Europe and Asia. Their expertise, skills, and the power to produce 100 percent success results remain unquestionable till date.

Plenty of hospitals to choose from

The best hospitals for medical treatment in India are not just restricted to one city. There are multiple hospitals within each country so that patients have plenty of options to choose from. Medical treatment in India and Thailand is quite popular among Asian countries. Hungary, Poland, and Turkey are the leading medical tourism destinations in Europe.

Affordable cost of treatment

The cost of treatment in Asia and Europe is much less than other leading medical tourist destinations. This is especially true about some of the countries in Asia and Europe, including India, Thailand, Poland, Turkey, and Hungary. By traveling to Asian and European countries over the US, Russia, or Canada for medical treatment, an African patient can save thousands of dollars.  is especially known for specific procedures, particularly dental surgery, cardiac, pulmonary, transplantation, bariatric, and cosmetic procedures.

 Easy accessibility

Both Asian and European countries are easily accessible from African countries through direct flights. Moreover, both these continents have eased out their immigration rules for medical tourists so that they can seek high-quality treatment at the preferred location.

For patients who seek, India and Thailand are the most popular choices. A majority of patients prefer to access treatment in India because of many benefits. Thousands of Africans seek successful medical treatment in India every year and return back to their home country safely.


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India as the leading medical tourism destination

India is a culturally-diverse country with acceptance towards all types of religions and cultures. Thus, a medical tourist from abroad is dealt with complete equality, compassion, care, empathy, and a positive outlook. Medical Tourism to India over the last few years has increased dramatically due to the availability of expert and well-experienced Surgeons/Doctors at breakneck prices.

The top hospitals for medical treatment in India house some of the best surgeons and doctors in the world. The medical fraternity associated with these hospitals is mostly trained and educated from abroad and hold a great experience in dealing with all types of medical emergencies.

The country receives the maximum number of patients from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Sudan, Zambia, and Mozambique. The other leading countries include Namibia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Ethiopia.

Europe as the leading medical tourism destination

Asia is popularly known for cheap medical treatment and that explains the huge influx of medical tourists from Africa. Some patients who are concerned about the quality of medical treatment choose to visit the European countries for medical treatment. The cost of medical treatment in the European countries is higher than the Asian countries.

Within Europe, Hungary, Poland, and Turkey are specifically known for offering high-quality medical treatment at an affordable cost. It is estimated that the cost of medical treatment in these countries is at least 50 percent less that in the UK.

Success Stories Straight From African Patients

The following are some of the success stories straight from the critically-ill African patients who chose to undergo medical treatment in Asia and Europe.

 Medical Tourism To India Patient Stories

Success Story #1: Lucy Bandala from Tanzania

Bandala decided to travel to Apollo Hospital in Delhi, India, for high-quality knee replacement surgery. The surgeons treated him successfully and he soon returned back to his country. Today he appreciates the caring and competent staff at the hospital who constantly helped him to recover fast.

Success Story #2: Mrs. Caroline Johnson from Nigeria

Johnson visited India for blood cancer (leukemia) treatment. She underwent safe surgery in Bangalore, while the hospital authorities helped her and her husband with all the supporting facilities such as nursing care, visa assistance, and travel planning.

Success Story #3: Mrs. Motiben from Nairobi

Motiben has come to India for bilateral knee replacement surgery. In addition, she suffered from a parastomal hernia. One of the leading hospitals in Delhi treated her successfully and she returned back to Nairobi safely after the surgery.

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