Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Thailand: Cost, Clinics & More

Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Thailand: Cost, Clinics & More

Plastic or cosmetic surgery is an optional surgery that a patient may go to enhance his or her aesthetic appearance. It has actually become the need rather than the desire of many people who are unhappy with their physical appearance.

Most of cosmetic surgery procedures are quite expensive in Western countries and can take away a major part of your savings. But some countries such as Malaysia, Brazil, and Thailand has hospitals and surgeons that can fix your physical imperfections while remaining easy on your pocket. This is quite evident from the number of plastic surgery cases in Thailand that are conducted each year.

Thailand is a tourist place known for its beautiful temples, amazing islands, and of course, authentic Thai food. In recent times, it has also emerged as one of the most affordable medical tourism destinations that offer advanced medical treatment, high-class services, and high-quality care to patients. It is especially a place of choice for people who are looking for cosmetic surgery options to change their appearance.

Why Should You Choose Thailand For Plastic Surgery?

Among foreign citizens, Thailand has emerged as a popular destination for availing of plastic surgery.  One of the prime reasons is that several hospitals and multispecialty healthcare units have been certified by the Joint Commission International, which is recognized by the standardization of medical care in over 90 countries. Thus, international tourists willing to experience standard treatment options from authorized clinics within a very affordable price range travel to the country. Most of the candidates who avail the various types of plastic surgeries are reported to return satisfied, which is why the thoroughfare of foreign tourists keeps increasing yearly. The plastic surgeons in Thailand are enriched with decades of experience. Most of the surgeons have attained the necessary training from major countries and practiced in the country due to the high thoroughfare of the patients here. The candidates are also provided with advanced technological options like robotic surgeries in specific cases. Robotic surgery is one of the newest additions since the last two decades and is more prevalently used in the last few years only. However, one should keep it in mind that although traditional plastic surgery in Thailand is cheap, robotic surgery costs marginally higher.

Facts About Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

The following are some of the facts to know more about cosmetic surgery in Thailand:

  • Cosmetic surgery procedures are performed at various state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics in Thailand for long with a high rate of patient satisfaction.
  • Millions of visitors come to Thailand from around the world purely for cosmetic treatment. Also, more than 15,000 Australians alone come to Thailand each year specifically for affordable plastic surgery options.
  • Various international hospitals in Thailand offer high-class services to patients at a more affordable price than any Western country. Therefore, you won’t feel a hole in your pocket and can still look the way you always wanted.
  • Many doctors have received their training in Western countries and many Western doctors have moved to Thailand for its lovely ambiance and affordable living. So be assured, you will get the best treatment from the best doctors in Thailand.
  • Doctors, medical staff, and most of the population of Thailand speak English well and will guide you in the language that you are comfortable throughout your stay.
  • In comparison to Western countries, you can potentially save thousands by choosing to have your cosmetic surgery done in Thailand.
  • There are many hospitals in Thailand that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). This is an International organization that promotes strict adherence to standards of care in over 90 nations around the globe. Thailand’s Bumrungrad International (Bangkok) became the proud first Asian hospital to meet these standards in 2002.
  • Finally, the beautiful tourist spots in Thailand make the medical tour for cosmetic surgery a recreational trip too. You can enjoy while undergoing your treatment and go back healthy and refreshed to your home.

Therefore, Thailand can very well be called an affordable and advanced medical tourism destination that offers some of the best cosmetic surgery options in the world.


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Top Clinics/Hospitals for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

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Before you finally say yes to any facility, make sure to do your research about all the hospitals, doctors, and the services they offer. You can also refer to the patient testimonials and see the before and after pictures of their patients to understand the real scenario of their offerings. Factors to keep in mind before selecting a facility for plastic surgery in Thailand:

  • Research Online: Look for websites, forums, and reviews where people share their experiences with different clinics.
  • Check Credentials: Look for certifications from organizations like the Thai Medical Council or international accreditation bodies like JCI (Joint Commission International).
  • Review Surgeon Profiles: Check their qualifications, experience, and specialization in the specific procedure you’re interested in.
  • Visit the Facility: This will allow you to see the premises, meet the staff, and ask any questions about the procedures and post-operative care.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Pay attention to feedback regarding the overall experience, surgical results, post-operative care, and satisfaction with the facility.
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Established in 2014, Krabi Nakharin Hospital is the first and the only hospital in Krabi, south of Thailand. The hospital through its team of qualified and experienced staff and doctors boasts of providing effective and advanced medical technology across various specialities.


  • 100 inpatient beds

  • 24/7 Emergency unit

  • Dedicated women's... Read More




DOCTORS in 5 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

If you are looking for high-quality plastic surgery procedures at affordable prices, then look no further! Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic led by the board-certified surgeon, Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is here to solve all your plastic surgery woes. 

Dr. Pichet is a top-notch expert in aesthetic surgical operations in Thailand. He, along with his highly skilled and competent team will provide you proper care and treatment. Having performed over 3000 surgeries, Dr. Pichet’s exper... Read More




DOCTORS in 1 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Phythai2 Hospital is a leading healthcare center in Bangkok offering world-class medical services to people since July’1987. The hospital is built on the theme which combines world-class clinical expertise, academic and research-based design with Thai hospitality. Centrally located at 943+Phaholyothin Road and is within walking distance of Sanam Pao BTS Skytrain Station which makes it easy access for patients from all parts of the city.

A multi-specialty hospital in the heart o... Read More




DOCTORS in 11 Specialties


Facilities & Amenities

Almost all these facilities are the best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in Thailand. They are well-equipped with advanced tools and offer various cosmetic surgery procedures like breast lift surgery, breast augmentation surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction, neck lift, nose job, butt lift, aggressive facelifts or eyelid reductions, etc. Just name the procedure and you can get it done by experienced surgeons in Thailand. Also, the facilities in Thailand offer excellent patient-oriented services without any waiting list. The hygienic ambiance of hospitals will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.


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Plastic Surgery Cost in Thailand

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Thailand varies from hospital to hospital. It also depends upon the infrastructure of the hospital and the expertise of the surgeon. So while looking for the most suitable doctor and hospital, just remember that price should not be the only factor, and the expertise of the doctor and the infrastructure of the hospital should also be considered. But overall, Thailand is a much more affordable location than any other Western country.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost of different types of plastic surgeries in Thailand:

Procedure Minimum cost in USD Maximum cost in USD
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) 1650 5070
Breast Augmentation Surgery 2674 14876
Facelift 3933 16503
Liposuction 1500 12000
Neck lift 2300 10198
Blepharoplasty 1000 3800
Gender Affirming Surgery 7000 12000

This is just an average price that the patient will pay for these surgeries in Thailand and can vary from hospital to hospital. Some hospitals may charge higher for their better care and facility. Also, the prices keep on changing depending upon the exchange rates. But there will be savings on the cosmetic surgery cost in Thailand.

Also, some hospitals offer Thailand plastic surgery packages that may include the cost of travel, stay (apart from the hospital), meals, local transportation, and sight-seeing. You can consider these packages for a hassle-free stay in Thailand.


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Plastic Surgery Can Be More Affordable In Thailand!

With increased competition, the options for availing of plastic surgery in Thailand keep on increasing for medical tourists. The scenario of today’s medical market is different than what was a few decades back. This is because the plastic surgery network has rapidly spread within a very short interval of time. Thus, more clinics have come up with better packages and better alternative prices for similar procedures. Thus, it has been estimated that if the market keeps on spreading at this pace, the future days may witness more affordable packages in some types of plastic surgery procedures. However, one must also remember that there are several factors that directly or indirectly affect the cost. Thus, even when some of the procedures can be available for a more affordable package, other procedures may even witness a surge altogether.

How Can You Pay For Your Plastic Surgery In Thailand?

Even though the price is cheaper in Thailand, compared to other countries, paying a lump sum is not always possible and feasible. For this reason, the plastic surgery clinics in Thailand offer easier alternatives that are legally certified and economically better for the candidates. One of the most popular ways is through medical insurance. In case the treatment or the surgical procedure is listed in the insurance policy, the finances are settled by the clinic accordingly. Otherwise, other patient-friendly modes of paying for plastic surgery in Thailand are also available. The candidates can choose to pay for the surgical procedure via Medical Credit Cards. These cards are launched and accepted by the clinics by keeping in mind the state of the candidate. Thus, as most of the finances are settled with the help of Medical Credit Cards, the candidate can now focus on the treatment procedure and take better follow-up care after surgery. However, the candidate should confirm with the clinics about the procedure and mode of payment options available. This is because most of the clinics come up with their own policies and rules which may or may not comply with the candidate’s interest.

Plastic Surgery in Thailand vs Plastic Surgery Worldwide

The increased affordability of plastic surgery procedures has made it more popular than before. You can find numerous hospitals around you that offer various plastic surgery options. While the cost of these procedures is quite high in Western countries, there are countries such as Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius, South Korea, and India where the cost of plastic surgery procedures is quite affordable. For example,

  • Cosmetic surgery costs in Thailand for rhinoplasty will be a little over $400 while it will cost over $1,000 in Malaysia. The cost of the same rhinoplasty procedure in the United States could be around $5,000. Rhinoplasty in Australia could cost around 8,000 AUD while rhinoplasty in the United Kingdom could cost an average of anywhere from £4,500 to £7,000.
  • A single breast implant could cost around $2,600 in Thailand but can be done at around $1,800 in Brazil. Breast augmentation can cost around $8,000 and more in the United States. Breast implants in Australia may cost around 10,000 AUD and in the United Kingdom, it may cost around £3,500 to £7,000

So it can be concluded that every plastic surgery procedure has its own cost in different locations. Also, these are the average cost of only the plastic surgery procedure and can vary within the country too.

Apart from the surgery cost, there are various other expenses too that must be considered if you are comparing the cost of the procedure outside your country. Like the traveling cost, pre-op and post-op consultation fee, cost of lab works, medication costs, anesthesia cost, cost of aftercare, stay, meals, etc. Most importantly, the exchange rate fluctuations can increase or decrease the total expenditure of any plastic surgery procedure. Therefore, if you are considering any location for your plastic surgery, make sure to add up all the expenses and then make a decision.

But a comparison with plastic surgery costs in Thailand will definitely save you thousands while improving your physical imperfections. Therefore, if you want to change the way you look, look for plastic surgery options in Thailand and change your looks.

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