An Indian Patient underwent Radiofrequency Ablation in Dubai

An Indian Patient underwent Radiofrequency Ablation in Dubai
  • Patient Name : Mr Vijay Reddy
  • From Country : India
  • Destination Country : United Arab Emirates
  • Procedure : EPS & RFA
  • Hospital : American Hospital, Dubai

MediGence took care of everything from helping in choose the right hospital to manage hospital appointments. Strongly recommend MediGence to everyone looking to travel overseas for the surgery.

Patient Mr Vijay Reddy suffered from Arrhythmia. He was looking forward to getting the Electro Physiology Study (EPS) along with Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) done overseas. EPS+RFA procedure is a non-surgical procedure used to treat some types of rapid heart beating by eliminating areas of the heart that generate these abnormal heart rhythms causing the arrhythmia.

He decided to travel to Dubai to the treatment done. He started looking online and came across MediGence. He submitted the online query form on our website and approached us for the treatment options. Upon receiving his query our case manager reached out to him immediately and discussed his medical condition.

Our case manager told him to share all his medical reports, on receiving the reports, MediGence did a complete analysis of his case history and recommended him multiple options in Dubai for his treatment. Mr Reddy settled for the American Hospital in Dubai which is one the best hospital in Dubai for the patient who is looking for advanced cardiac treatment. He was treated under the care of Dr Mustapha Shaaraoui. He is one of the best Interventional Cardiologist associated with American Hospital in Dubai having experience of more than 21 years in the field of cardiology.

He consulted the doctors on 17th Aug and underwent few tests. After the consultations and the tests, he was admitted for a day and the procedure was done successfully. Currently, he is in Dubai and completing his follow-up visits.

He thanked MediGence for the services provided by them starting from the very beginning, helping him choose the right hospital, assisting him with the hotel options, responding to his queries, arranging his pick-up, managing his hospital appointments. He strongly recommends MediGence to his friends, family and, others who are looking to travel overseas for the surgery.

Team MediGence wishes him a very happy and healthy future.

Amit Bansal

Amit Bansal is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and CEO of MediGence. He has more than 17 years of strong technology experience. Having worked for some of the recognized companies in India, Australia and traveled worldwide to help businesses to grow multi-folded under his leadership and strategic guidance.

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