Eleonora Underwent Stem Cell Therapy in LIV Hospital,Turkey

Eleonora Underwent Stem Cell Therapy in LIV Hospital,Turkey
  • Patient Name : Eleonora Todorovska
  • From Country : Macedonia
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Krabbe Disease
  • Hospital : LIV Hospital, Ullus in Turkey

We would like to thank LIV Hospital, Ullus for all the treatment and care they gave our child during the stay. We would like to thank Dr. Erdal Karaoz‬ for his excellence in treating our child. He has been quite supportive. Last but not least, Special thanks to MediGence as it came as a ray of hope in our life.It could never be possible without MediGence


Eleonora Todorovska is a 5-year-old child from Macedonia and she was suffering from Krabbe Disease. Krabbe disease is an inherited disorder that destroys the protective coating (myelin) of nerve cells in the brain and throughout the nervous system. She had stopped walking, speaking and swallowing, and was suffering from severe muscle spasms.
Eleonara’s parents came across MediGence while searching for medical tourism companies on the internet. They found MediGence’s health package quite comprehensive and affordable. They placed a query on MediGence and later, the case manager from the MediGence team contacted them in a very short span of time and requested them to share a few details regarding their child’s medical case.
The parents sought to contact a doctor in Turkey after submitting all of the essential case facts and medical reports in order to get a professional’s opinion on their child’s treatment. MediGence provided a list of Turkey’s greatest doctors and hospitals.
The father chose to consult a doctor at LIV Hospital, Ullus in Turkey. The hospital has high-end equipment, advanced operation theatres, and all modern facilities. It boasts of highly experienced and skilled doctors. The doctor has vast experience in Regenerative Medicine.

Pre-Treatment & Process

After the visa processing was completed, Eleonara and her parents traveled to Turkey on 11 April 2021 from Macedonia. They were greeted at the Airport by the team members of MediGence and were taken straight to the pre-booked hotel. The assigned case manager ensured that they should not face any difficulties during their stay in the country and were provided with all the best facilities at the hotel. The next day, MediGence’s Assigned Case Manager took the patient & her parents along to the hospital for consultation with the Doctor. As they selected Dr. Erdal Karaoz‬(Regenerative Medicine Specialist) as their treating professional, the patient & her parents were counseled by the Doctor regarding the treatment process, medications, operating time, recovery tenure, and other required elements.
After all the formalities & tests were done, Eleonara was admitted to the Hospital for Daycare treatment. The doctor evaluated the test reports thoroughly and concluded that the patient was fit for the surgery. The procedure was performed successfully by Dr. Erdal Karaoz.


She began to recover gradually after her surgery. Nonetheless, the doctor advised them to stay for roughly a month in Turkey to monitor her healing. For future follow-up appointments, the MediGence team coordinated with the Hospital and the Doctor. They stayed in Turkey for a month for her continued treatment and returned back to their home country.
The parents were very happy with the treatment outcome. They are very grateful to Dr. Erdal and his team at LIV Hospital. After the treatment, their daughter’s condition significantly improved. She started walking with support, her muscle spasms improved, she is now able to swallow food. She will be coming back for the second dose as recommended by the doctor.
The parents thanked MediGence who helped them from the very beginning, from finding the right doctor, arranging the consultations, managing hospital visits, hotel stay, and airport transfers.

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