Margaret Jeanne Underwent Fibroid Removal Surgery in Medeor Hospital, Dubai

Margaret Jeanne Underwent Fibroid Removal Surgery in Medeor Hospital, Dubai
  • Patient Name : Margaret Jeanne
  • From Country : Seychelles
  • Destination Country : Dubai, UAE
  • Procedure : Fibroid Removal Surgery
  • Hospital : Medeor Hospital, Dubai

I’m happy with the surgical results and the treating physician. The medical professionals and nursing staff at Medeor Hospital, Dubai also made an excellent first impression on me. I’m also happy with the services MediGence offered and grateful for how quickly they got back to me and helped me arrange appointments and airport pickup.

Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude for MediGence’s professionalism and assistance with my needs and medical care. The subsequent care and travel experience for medical purposes in UAE has both been excellent.

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Ms. Margaret Jeanne, 44, of the Seychelles, was prepared to have uterine fibroid removal surgery despite having uterine fibroids. Ms. Margaret used the internet to research physicians and medical facilities. She discovered MediGence, a worldwide portal for medical travel, during her quest. The packages provided fit Ms. Margaret’s budget, she discovered. A MediGence employee quickly responded to her online question and inquired further about her diagnosis and clinical state. She provided the needed information before speaking with the MediGence patient counselor to provide more information about her condition. She was given recommendations from the patient advisory panel for some of the best medical facilities and hospitals from other nations. She decided to undergo treatment by Dr. Preeti Tandon.

At Medeor 24×7 Hospital in Dubai, Dr. Preeti Tandon is a skilled expert in obstetrics and gynecology with 22 years of expertise. She specializes in endometriosis and infertility treatment using laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive gynecological procedures. She is a highly skilled surgeon who develops a unique treatment plan for every patient. Dr. Preeti Tandon is a specialist in endometriosis care, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, laparoscopic myomectomy, and other hysteroscopic surgeries.

The Medeor Hospital offers a novel idea in healthcare. It is a multi-specialty family hospital that combines the best qualities of the hospitality sector with cutting-edge medical technology, carefully chosen staff, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to achieve new levels of medical brilliance. The facility has: there are 14 levels and more than 11,000 square feet, 100 beds to provide sufficient capacity without compromising the patient’s privacy, male and female waiting areas separately, all flooring is slip-resistant, and textiles that are resistant to bacteria and fire are used throughout the rooms, etc.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Process

The hospital and MediGence collaborated to process Ms. Margaret’s medical visa. She applied for a visa, and soon after, she was granted one. Based on her budget, she picked the hotel that MediGence suggested. On 17 Dec 2021, Ms. Margaret traveled to Istanbul. She was met by Team MediGence at the airport, and they handled all of her hotel needs. The MediGence team made sure the patient could take advantage of the best hotel amenities. MediGence brought the patient to the hospital for a meeting with Dr. Preeti Tandon. Ms. Margaret Jeanne went to the hospital the day after she arrived in the nation to see the doctor and their staff.

After preliminary examinations, she was brought to the hospital. The doctor advised the patient to obtain a few diagnostic tests after completing all medical exams in order to better prepare for the treatment. The patient did all necessary testing, which allowed the surgeon to have a clearer image of the patient’s present health status and better understand how to plan for treatment and postoperative recovery. Dr. Preeti Tandon informed Ms. Jeanne of the treatment plan after thoroughly understanding the medical findings. She was more prepared for the procedure once her doctor had given her advice about it. The uterine fibroid removal surgery was completed successfully and without any issues for the patient.

Noncancerous uterine growths known as uterine fibroids are common during the childbearing years. Uterine fibroids, also known as leiomyomas or myomas, don’t enhance the risk of uterine cancer and hardly ever turn into the disease. Fibroids can be small enough to be invisible to the naked eye or large enough to stretch and expand the uterus.

Post Treatment

The patient then shifted to the hotel, where she continued to receive post-treatment therapy and her meds. Excellent post-operative care was given by Dr Preeti Tandon, who also actively participated in the post-procedure counseling. MediGence went above and above to provide the patient with the best treatment possible. From airport pickups to hospital transfers to doctor’s appointments, everything was made simpler. Ms. Margaret Jeanne expressed her gratitude to MediGence and expressed her satisfaction with the physician and the procedure’s therapeutic results. She conveyed her appreciation for the pre-surgery consultation with the experts at Medeor Hospital, Dubai.


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