Marie Lebon Underwent Breast Cancer Surgery in Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India

Marie Lebon Underwent Breast Cancer Surgery in Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India
  • Patient Name : Marie Lebon
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Hospital : Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

My sister and I are both very appreciative to the medical staff at Artemis Hospital for making the procedure easy and comfortable. Throughout the counseling and consultations that took place before the procedure, they held our hands. We would like to extend a particular thank you to the MediGence team for all of their assistance, including helping us choose the best doctor and scheduling all of our consultations as well as coordinating our hospital appointments and airport transportation.

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Marie Lebon, 39, a woman from Mauritius suffering from breast cancer, did some online research and contacted MediGence staff when she realized she needed advanced care for her illness. They assisted her in coordinating her meetings with Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Rajkumar, who provided her the assurance to begin the treatment. On the 24th of January 2021, she and her sister left for India. 3 days were spent in the hospital during the visit. She chose to be treated by Dr. Deepak Jha.

Dr. Deepak Jha is a specialized Surgical Oncologist and is one of the most sought-after doctors in Gurugram, India. He has over 11 years of experience. He is certified and a member of prestigious organizations. Even the most challenging circumstances can be handled with ease by the surgical oncologist. The doctor has a high success record for carrying out numerous surgeries with extreme accuracy and precision. The doctor has an abundance of expertise in successfully managing complicated patients. The professional is skilled at carrying out the procedures using the most recent methods. Open surgery and minimally invasive surgery are the two types of cancer surgery that a surgical oncologist does. The techniques used in minimally invasive surgery are designed to reduce the trauma associated with conventional surgery.

Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon is the first hospital in the prosperous town of Gurgaon to receive JCI and NABH accreditation this multispecialty facility, opened its doors in 2007. Indian healthcare has been raised to new heights through modern technology, skilled hands, and information from medical professionals with international training. Hotels close to Artemis Hospital Gurgaon are conveniently located. While its medical professionals and administration work to give care with an extra personal touch, introducing new dimensions to the Indian healthcare industry, doctors ensure prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment: executive wellness examinations and workplace counseling, there are 380 beds there, public sector Units (PSUs) in India are affiliated with it, and run corporate awareness campaigns.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Process

The doctor and other medical staff members made the patient feel at ease and at home as soon as she was admitted.  Marie Lebon underwent a thorough physical examination by the team. She also had tests done as part of the same to validate her diagnosis. These included related blood tests and a colonoscopy, which involves using a scope to look into the colon. The condition was subsequently successfully treated for breast cancer surgery. There were no issues and the patient was pleased with the surgical outcome.

There are three basic parts of a breast: connective tissue, ducts, and lobules. The glands that generate milk are called lobules. Milk travels through tubes called ducts to the nipple. The connective tissue, which is made up of fatty and fibrous tissue, envelops and holds everything in place. Breast cancer is a condition in which the breast’s cells proliferate out of control. Breast cancer develops in several types. The kind of breast cells that develop into cancer determines the type of breast cancer. The ducts or lobules are where most breast cancers start. Blood and lymph vessels are two ways that breast cancer can travel outside of the breast.

Post Treatment

Marie Lebon spent 30 days of her post-procedure recovery time in India. From setting up the follow-up consultation to discussing the patient’s stay alternatives to arranging the hospital transfer, airport pickup, and hospital appointment scheduling, MediGence was by the patient’s side the entire time. The patient had a good experience, and she expressed in her feedback how relieved she was to have a long-standing, serious health issue resolved.


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