Neurology is a part of medicine which deals with the disorganization of the nervous system. Neurological disorders include convulsions, stroke, multiple sclerosis, migraine, disarrangement of the spinal cord, Alzheimer, meningitis, and many others. A person undergoing any of these troubles must seek help from a neurologist immediately. A neurologist will conduct certain tests like EEG, EMG, certain laboratory tests, and also studies the neuro-imaging tests like CT, MRI, PET scan, and carotid ultrasound. Doctors perform neurosurgical procedures on patients when the condition cannot be treated with the help of medications and therapy.

Neurology in Singapore

A neurologist specialist Singapore will perform various physical examinations on you when you first visit him. He will even go to the extent of learning about your family medical history which is quite helpful while treating neurological disorders. Neurological surgeries are not performed based on any kind of hasty decisions. The hospitals in Singapore are well-equipped so that the patients can be served. Over the years, Singapore has evolved as the fastest growing tourist destinations. This is because the European nations charge so much that their own citizens are unable to pay off their medical bills. Moreover, the hospitals provide comprehensive facilities which means that even if you are on a medical visa you need not worry as the hospital will take care of every formality.

Cost Comparison

Any top neurologist in Singapore charges $200. Whereas, a young neurological consultant charges $180 in Singapore. The cost of the medical expenses depends on a number of factors like the age of the patient, medical history, procedure used for treatment, kind of hospital opted for, and many others. Hospitals keep on introducing lucrative packages from time to time for the patients to reap the benefits. The aim of the hospitals is to restore health.


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