Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast enlargement or overdevelopment of breast is termed as Gynecomastia and is a common problem faced by men. It can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, chronic use of certain medications or use of recreational drugs, alcohol abuse, and some thyroid disorders. Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed to remove the fat or glandular tissue from the breast to obtain flatter, firmer chest which is consistent with the masculine body contour.

Male breast reduction in Turkey

Turkey government has taken critical steps in improving their healthcare facilities. In the current scenario, Turkey offers high-quality medical services, latest medical technology, board-certified staff and well-skilled surgeon. Male breast reduction surgery in Turkey is performed by some of the most recognized and experienced cosmetic surgeons. Turkey has always been an identified as a tourist destination and now with so much of advancement in its medical facilities; it has also become a popular medical tourist destination.

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Breast reduction surgery cost in Turkey along with the quality of treatment offered is at par with some of the famous medical tourism destinations like India, Singapore, UAE, and Thailand. Breast reduction surgery cost along with five -star accommodation and sight-seeing cost comes to even less than one-sixth when compared with the treatment cost offered in US or UK.

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