Cardiac Sciences is the branch of medical science that deals with diseases related to the blood vessels and heart. Cardiac diseases have grown over the years due to various reasons. Changes in lifestyle, lack of physical activities, increased level of pollution are some of the reasons behind it. Singapore offers one of the best treatment plans for people suffering from cardiac diseases. The country is well equipped with the latest medical advancements along with world-class hospitals and highly qualified doctors.

Cardiac Surgeons in Singapore

To be a cardiologist in Singapore a medical student has to undergo extensive training for six years. A medical student can become a heart specialist in Singapore after receiving hands-on experience by working with senior doctors. The training teaches medical students how to take care of the situation as well as his patient. Patients who have already experienced cardiac arrests need to be taken care of in a certain manner. Doctors learn how to make proper usage of pacemakers and angioplasties to restore the health of the heart. Only after six years of excessive training, a doctor receives a license that he or she can practice independently.

When you meet a top cardiologist in Singapore then various questions are being asked for proper diagnosis. A heart specialist might ask you about your family history. A family history makes it easier for the doctor to recognize what kind of heart problem you are facing. Accordingly, he asks you to undergo certain tests namely ECG, echocardiogram, blood test, and exercise tests. At the same time, the cardiologist advises you to maintain a proper lifestyle which includes sleeping and eating on time maintaining a proper diet chart.

Cost Comparison

In a public hospital, you can be charged $57 on your first consultation with a heart specialist. On the other hand, if you opt for a private hospital you can be charged between $150 to $200 on your first consultation. You can get a redemption only if you are a permanent citizen.


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