Best Hospitals for Cosmetic Surgery in Switzerland

About Plastic Surgery in Switzerland

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct, alter or enhance facial features that makes them more visually appealing.

Who is a good candidate for undergoing cosmetic surgery?

  • You may be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery if:
  • You want an enhanced physical appearance.
  • You have realistic expectations from the procedure.
  • You are healthy and do not have any serious problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, a bleeding disorder, heart disease, or depression.
  • You have reasonable expectations.
  • You are well aware of the possible risks of the procedure you're considering.
  • You are not excessively overweight or obese.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You do not consume too much alcohol.

 Cost Comparison

Country of Treatment Liposuction Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Breast Augmentation Hair Transplant Abdominoplasty ( Tummy Tuck)
India $ 3500 $ 5600 $ 5,600 $ 779 $ 4700
Turkey $ 2500 $ 3,000 $ 5,000 $ 2800 $ 4000
United Arab Emirates $ 9750 $ 5,000 $ 8,350 $ 2250 $ 10150
Switzerland $ 11,000 $ 7,500 $ 6,500 $ 5000 $ 12,200

Note: All prices mentioned in USD.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Switzerland as a destination for your Plastic Surgery?

Apart from the fact that Switzerland is brimming with psychedelic colors and scenic beauty, it is also one of the best destinations for plastic surgery. The place is well known for the sophistication it adheres to, which reflects in the procedures performed. From clinics and hospitals to surgeons and medical facilities, availing plastic surgery in the country ensures high-quality treatment facilities which stand incomparable to the treatment offered in other countries. Besides the quality, Switzerland is also praised for the discipline with which it proceeds. The medical system here is well-organized and more controlled than anywhere in the world. This ensures proper guidance, thorough diagnosis, and complete follow-up care for the individuals undergoing treatment. Whether the candidate avails reconstruction or cosmetic surgery, the results are downright satisfactory. 

Which are the top Plastic Surgeries which are offered in Switzerland and what are there costs?

Plastic surgery in Switzerland is very advanced. Almost all the procedures are offered in the country and are performed by experienced medical professionals. However, some of the services are observed to be more in demand than others. Thus, such procedures which have attained higher popularity in Switzerland are:

  • Breast Augmentation: The fancy of owning the perfect pair of breasts is spreading rapidly. Almost every woman now wants to attain picture-perfect breasts and any deviation from perfection leads them to emotional distress. Many women also feel less confident due to the shape and size of the body and thus, wishes to adopt every means to modify that. By availing of breast augmentation, the candidates can thus, attain inches more either by using implants or by resorting to surgeries that tighten the muscles and tissues and prevent sagging. 

        Average cost: $3980

  • Face contour: Face contouring is one of the most popular procedures availed by women and men alike. The procedure accentuates the glamour of the individual by sharpening the features and rendering crisp contour to the face of the individual. The procedure is highly popular in the entertainment and fashion industry. However, the present-day has witnessed a number of cases where people in general also resort to such cosmetic procedures to accentuate their physical features. 

        Average cost: $3289

  • Rhinoplasty: The fascination of owning a perfect nose proceeds every expectation. Thus, rhinoplasty offers the perfect solution to the problem by modifying the shape and size of the nose of the candidate. The procedure is availed by candidates who either want to attain sharper or flatter noses and thus, are able to own an accentuated feature altogether. 

        Average cost: $2980

What are the factors affecting the cost of Plastic Surgeries in Switzerland?

Plastic surgery cost in Switzerland is very reasonable and is duly charged for the number of exorbitant facilities provided to the candidates. The procedures are performed by skilled surgeons and are thus, graced with a high success rate altogether. The cost however depends primarily on the kind of procedure availed by the candidate. For example, the cost of cosmetic surgery in Switzerland varies to a great extent from the reconstructive surgeries offered here. Thus, here are some of the other factors that affect the cost of plastic surgery in Switzerland:

  • Multispecialty healthcare facility from where the procedure is being availed from 

  • Type of plastic surgery availed by the candidate

  • The extent of the procedure required and the number of sessions it will take 

  • Surgeon (s) performing the procedure 

  • A combination of procedures (rhinoplasty with face contour, etc.,) performed (if required).

Which are the best hospitals and clinics offering Plastic Surgeries in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a petite country that offers a complete package of the best medical services along with excellent therapeutic views. The clinics and the hospitals offering plastic surgery in Switzerland are well-known for the infrastructure and the advanced medical facilities it houses. Thus, some of the best clinics to opt for plastic surgery from are:

  • Laclinic: Swiss Anti Aging and Clinic

  • CSMCE: Swiss Center For Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine

  • Dr Schlaudraff | Concept Clinic - Chirurgie esthétique

  • Prevention-center AG Zürich Plastisch-Ästhetische Chirurgie

  • Prof. J. Farhadi | Rekonstruktive Chirurgie & ästhetische Brustchirurgie | Plastic Surgery Zürich

  • Zurich Plastics

  • Dr Navid Alizadeh, Care Geneva, Center Plastic Surgery

  • Chirurgie Esthétique Genève | KA Surgery - Dr Kouroche Amini

  • Clinic Utoquai AG

  • Leman Aesthetic Clinic - Geneva - Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine

Who are the best surgeons in Switzerland who perform Plastic surgery?

Every clinic and hospital houses world-class medical professionals. The surgeons and physicians in Switzerland are highly qualified and stand incomparable in terms of knowledge and skill. The surgeons are also known for their compassion and extreme diligence with which they accomplish the operations. Thus, some of the best surgeons who perform plastic surgery in Switzerland are:

  • Dr. Schlaudarff

  • MD · Giorgio La Scala

  • MD, PD · Marianne Prevot

  • MD · Badwi Elias

  • Prof. J Farhadi

FAQ's Related to Switzerland

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the leading medical tourism destinations with top hospitals, such as:

  1. Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle;
  2. Geneva Women Care, Geneva;
  3. Universitatsspital Basel, Basel;
  4. Klinik Hirslanden Zürich, Zurich;
  5. Lindenhofspital Bern, Bern;
  6. Hirslanden Klinik Aarau, Aarau

The country has a large pool of hospitals with modern infrastructure and facilities. The total number of hospitals is around 500 and 12 of them are JCI accredited. A rising number of hospitals have developed centers of competence for outpatient diagnostic and therapy. Swiss hospitals deliver up to 70 percent of all out-patient services in a given region. The multispecialty hospitals in Switzerland are equipped with the most advanced equipment and the latest medical technologies and are supported by high-end infrastructure to provide world-class treatment.

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Switzerland?

In order to ensure that international health standards are met, the hospitals in Switzerland need to sign contracts on quality care. Healthcare accreditation is based on the model of the International Standards Organization. Healthcare facilities receive accreditation according to the standard EN 45001 which confirms the quality of test results based on the accepted values and requirements and thus helps in evaluating the technical competence of a provider. Healthcare standards act as a quality framework to effectively evaluate, control, and improve the standards of quality healthcare.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Switzerland?

Medical tourism in Switzerland is regarded as amongst the highest standard in the world due to its highly qualified experienced staff and reputation, traditional values of quality, precision, cleanliness, and research-focus. Superior infrastructure and world-class healthcare facilities and research institutes make the country a global leader in the medical tourism industry. Switzerland has a number of premier research institutes that focus on finding new treatment methods. The Swiss are best known for their excellence in medical innovation. The other reasons why Switzerland has become a hot spot for medical tourism are world-class treatment, high level of privacy, and a wide range of treatment specialties.

Do hospitals in Switzerland accept health insurance?

Yes, the hospitals in Switzerland do accept Health Insurance. You should check the procedures or the treatment options that your chosen health insurance does not cover as well. The hospital will request the Guarantee of Payment from the insurance to start your treatment cashless if it is an approved insurance provider. Usually, cosmetic surgery, pregnancy and abortion, and diagnostic tests are not covered under health insurance. If a treatment is not covered under a health insurance plan in Switzerland, you can initially pay for the treatment and apply for reimbursement after you are back in your country.

What are the popular procedures available in Switzerland?

The most sought-after procedures in Switzerland are:

  1. Cosmetic surgery
  2. IVF treatment
  3. Neurosurgery
  4. Obesity surgery
  5. Orthopaedic surgery

World-class clinics and hospitals, superior technology, and well-trained doctors are some of the reasons for the popularity of these procedures. Cosmetic surgery has become a very popular procedure in Switzerland and thousands of people from various parts of the world visit the country every year to avail it. IVF is performed with great perfection and safety under the supervision of highly trained fertility experts who are regarded ‘artists’ due to their deep skills in fertility treatment and personalized care.

Which are the most popular cities in Switzerland for medical treatment?

The top-ranked cities that are most preferred by medical tourists in Switzerland are Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Zurich, Lucerne, Bern. Backed by world-class hospitals with highly professional and talented hospitals and modern infrastructure, Switzerland delivers unmatched treatment. Zurich and Geneva attract most of the medical tourists due to their excellent public transportation system, availability of cheap accommodation, and connectivity through airlines. Some other reasons why these cities have become the world’s epicenter of medical tourism are a large number of quality hospitals, rich culture, scenic value, and availability of translators, and safety of tourists.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to Switzerland?

Vaccination is highly recommended or required for Switzerland. WHO and CDC recommend the following vaccines

  1. Hepatitis A
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Rabies
  4. Meningitis
  5. Polio
  6. Measles
  7. Mumps and rubella (MMR)
  8. Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)
  9. Chickenpox
  10. Shingles
  11. Pneumonia
  12. Influenza.

Make sure you have MMR and other routine vaccinations as some parts of Switzerland have routine disease outbreaks. Your vaccination and the dosage will depend on several factors, including immunization history, traveler's age, and current medical conditions. Before a trip to Switzerland, you can get pre-exposure vaccination against rabies and yellow fever.

What is the process for obtaining medical visa in Switzerland?

Anyone traveling to Switzerland to seek treatment needs to have Schengen Visa. This visa allows a patient to stay in the country for a period of 90 days. You should apply for a National Visa for Medical Treatment if you are suffering from a serious medical condition and need to stay longer for treatment. You need to produce the below documents to apply for a medical visa:

  1. Full return flight reservation
  2. Proof of stay in Switzerland
  3. Signed official medical letter from medical institution
  4. Signed medical letter from a recognized local practitioner
  5. Passport
  6. Passport-sized photographs
  7. Online Application form