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Top Hospitals in Hungary

Top Hospitals in Hungary

Providing healthcare equivalent to the standards of the Western nations, Hungary has emerged to be a top medical tourism destination. The Health Insurance Fund is the body that finances healthcare in Hungary, providing access to a variety of treatments available in the country. As per the annual Euro Health Consumer Index report, Hungary excels in the provision of quality vaccination of infants against eight life-threatening diseases. Affordable medical care, coupled with state of the art technology makes Hungary one of the top destinations to avail treatment, both for residents and expats.

Healthcare in Hungary is both public and private, providing people with the best doctors and treatments across the countries in the major cities like Budapest, Debrecen, and Miskolc. The tax-funded healthcare system in Hungary is what makes people from across the world to visit Hungary and avail the best medical treatment. The doctors are internationally certified, the hospitals are globally accredited, and the facilities employed are world-class. The personalization in services is constantly focused towards a high-quality and speedy recovery, without causing the patients a fortune. Having treatments available for nearly all medical conditions, Hungary is just the place to visit for the betterment of their wellbeing.  

Cost Comparison

In Hungary, medical care can be bifurcated as public and private, wherein the former is less expensive than the latter. All those who are insured by the HIF can access free medical treatment in all public hospitals across the country, receiving access to quality treatment for the condition concerned. When we talk about the cost of the various treatments in Hungary, the country has one of the lowest priced medical care, without compromising on the quality of the treatments being provided. As compared to the UK, medical treatment in Hungary saves around 50-80% of the costs. In the case of plastic and reconstructive surgeries, the cost varies as follows:




Face lift

$9473- $10332

$2725- $3503


$6229- $7137

$2335- $2595


$3893- $4931

$1167- $1297

Dental Implants



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Budapest, Hungary




Medicover: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Hungary
  • ISO 9001
Medicover proudly presents its hospital and advanced imaging centre in Budapest, capital of Hungary, in a warm and welcoming environment.Medicover Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare for our patients with mutual respect, confidentiality, and compassion. If you are looking for professional surgery abroad at a reasonable price do not hesitate to contact us. Medicover Hospital provides top quality, comprehensive medical services from simple screening endoscopy, general and advanced imaging to complex orthopaedic, general surgery,… Read More

Budapest, Hungary




Dr Rose Private Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Hungary
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
In the year 2007, Dr Rose Private hospital was established. The main idea behind its formation was to raise the bar in providing medical services in the field of outpatient care in Hungary. The team of Dr Rose Private Hospital meticulously chose a building in the heart of the capital city of Hungary in Budapest. Spacious environment made them realize their goals better by giving good standard medical services. Since their inception, they have been… Read More


What is the condition of healthcare in Hungary?

Hungary follows a tax-funded universal system of healthcare, which is organized by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Hungary exhibits high life expectancy and a low infant mortality rate, thanks to the free healthcare provided for children less than 16 years of age, students, pensioners, disabled people, and church employees.

Every year, around 10 percent of Hungary’s GDP is spent on healthcare, specifically on infrastructure and technology. The medical infrastructure in Hungary has been on an advancing stage and has developed to a considerable extent. Both public and private hospitals are equipped with the best technology and good infrastructure so that the health of the patient isn’t risked at any cost.

The European citizens can make use of their health insurance to avail free treatment at the Hungarian medical centers. Also, expats who have specifically traveled to Hungary to avail medical treatment are not charged very high, as compared to medical centers in other western nations. So, it can be summarized that healthcare in Hungary is affordable, reliable and approachable.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Hungary for medical treatment?

Hungary houses some of the best medical centers in Europe, equipped with technological dexterity in its infrastructure. Famous for a lot of medical treatments, Hungary can be approached by any patient in the world, owing to its high quality and expertise. These hospitals are easily accessible, providing world-class medical treatment at affordable rates. Here are some of the best hospitals and clinics in Hungary:

  • Oxygen Medical, Budapest

  • Mell Plasztika, Budapest

  • MDebtal Clinic, Budapest

  • Rosengarten Dental, Sopron

  • Garden Medhotel, Debrecen

  • DRose Private Hospital, Budapest

Who are the most sought after doctors and surgeons in Hungary?

Operated by highly-qualified doctors and nurses, the top hospitals and clinics in Hungary are focused towards providing an improved quality of life to the patients. The doctors hold their degrees from the best medical institutions in the world, applying their acquired knowledge to their home country, providing the best services. Here is a list of the best doctors and surgeons in Hungary:

  • Dr. Gyorgy Bodoky, Szent Laszlo Hospital (Budapest)

  • Dr. Andras Rosta, National Institute of Oncology (Budapest)

  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Bender, Szigetvari Hospital (Szigetvar)

  • Dr. Laszlo Hangody, Uzsoki Street Hospital  (Budapest)

  • Dr. Erno Majzik, City Hospital (Siofok)

Which is the most sought after treatments available in Hungary?

Hungary is known to provide excellent treatments pertaining to an array of health issues, giving their patients a ray of hope to live a better life. Hungary is known to provide quality dental care to its patients, holding approximately 40% of the dental medicine in the European Union. Also, this sector in Hungary holds 21% of the total market across the globe. In addition to dentistry, following are the medical treatments available in Hungary that the patients can avail at lower costs:

  • General surgery

  • Hair transplant

  • Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Ophthalmology

  • Dermatology

  • Aesthetic procedures

  • Radiological examinations

  • Plastic surgery

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