Successful Hair Transplantation in Turkey: A Case Study (Tamin Iqbal from Morocco)

Successful Hair Transplantation in Turkey: A Case Study (Tamin Iqbal from Morocco)
  • Patient Name : Tamin Iqbal
  • From Country : Morocco
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Hair Transplant
  • Hospital : Medicana International Hospital, Istanbul

Tamin is 30 years old. He sent an inquiry to MediGence as he was looking for hair transplantation options in Turkey but had no idea where to go. One of the members of the Patient Care team contacted him to know more about him and what actually he is looking for.

Hair transplantation is an outpatient surgical procedure conducted to relocate or transplant hair follicles from the densest area of the scalp to the bald areas. It is most often preferred by candidates with male pattern baldness.

Such was the case of Tamin Iqbal from Morocco. Tamin suffered from male pattern baldness, characterized by receding hairline and the bald area in the middle of the scalp. He decided to travel to Turkey to get hair transplantation done using the most popular follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.


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Tamin is 30 years old. He sent an inquiry to MediGence as he was looking for hair transplantation options in Turkey but had no idea where to go. One of the members of the Patient Care team contacted him to know more about him and what actually he is looking for.

During the discussion, the team got to know that Tamin was looking forward to a specific technique – the Pen Choi technique. He was not sure about his option and had a thorough discussion with the team at MediGence to be able to better understand which technique would be the best for him.

The team asked Tamin to share a few of the photographs of his scalp for reference.

Successful Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Treatment Decision

As soon as he shared the photographs, the team shared it with some of the best JCI-certified hospitals that offer hair transplantation in Turkey. After a discussion with the hospitals approached, it was realized that FUE was the best technology that can be used in Tamin’s case.

Tamin was explained about the feedback from the specialists and why the doctors are recommending FUE to him over the Pen Choi technique. He had certain apprehensions about the procedure, recovery, scarring, and aftercare, which was thoroughly explained to him.

A comprehensive treatment plan was shared with Tamim with package cost from three different JCI-certified hospitals in Turkey. The details of what all is included and excluded in the package were shared with him in details. Some of the facilities included for him in the package included first free hair wash, blood tests, all local transfers, hair care education, complimentary lunch on the procedure day, printed aftercare instructions, accommodation in a 4-star hotel for two days (including breakfast), free shampoo, and prescribed medications.

He selected Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul for the procedure. Since Tamim did not require a visa to travel to Turkey from Morocco, he directly booked his tickets and sent a copy of it to the team at MediGence.

The Patient Care team shared a copy of the tickets with the hospital so that they can arrange Tamim’s pick up from the airport on the day of his arrival.


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Travel Period

Tamim arrived at Istanbul on August 11th, 2018, post afternoon. He was dropped to the hotel by the team from Medicana International Hospital. He got his hair transplantation done on August 13th and returned back to Morocco on August 14th.

Treatment Details

Since it was a weekend, his appointment with the specialist, the investigations, and the actual procedure were all planned for August 13th.

He was picked up from the hotel at 8’o clock in the morning for consultation and pre-operative investigations. Following blood tests and evaluation of results, he was taken to the hair transplantation department for the actual procedure.

The procedure lasts for about six hours and almost 4000 grafts were transplanted on the recipient area. Tamim was dropped back to his hotel after the procedure.

The next day, the team from Medicana International arrived at Tamim’s hotel to pick him up for a haircare and shampoo session. He was given very specific instructions pertaining for hair wash and haircare in the coming days. He was given a shampoo and foam for a month and also an ointment to apply in the donor area. Tamim also received printed instructions from the team.

After the session, the same day, Tamim was dropped off at the airport.


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Treatment Challenges

Tamim did not face any challenges before or during the treatment. However, he had certain apprehensions about the procedure before he traveled but all of those were addressed by the Patient Care team at MediGence. They even arranged a call for him with the hair transplant specialist in Istanbul so that he can ask all the questions that he have and make the decision.

Tamim continues to be in touch with MediGence and keeps sharing updates about his progress.

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