Patient Story: Vinay from India underwent Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

Patient Story: Vinay from India underwent Kidney Transplantation in Turkey
  • Patient Name : Vinay Jaiswal
  • From Country : India
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Kidney Transplantation
  • Hospital : Medicana Camlica

They helped and responded immediately to all of our queries. From arranging the Visas to the Hospital Stay, all of it was fulfilled from their end with utmost sincerity.

Below mentioned is the transcription for the patient who underwent a Kidney Transplant in Turkey. There are many hassles and issues a patient and his family members have to undergo throughout their medical journey. Relive one such story of a patient who traveled to Turkey from India for Kidney Transplantation. He discusses everything from cost, the quality of the hospital, medical visa booking, transportation and a lot more.

MediGence Team:: What was the medical condition of the patient, and what were the issues that he was facing?

Mohit: He had increased levels of creatinine, and his kidneys had been damaged for the past 8-10 years. And his creatinine levels had been increasing consistently from over 2.5 to 4.0 to almost 10.0. When it reached 10.0, then we started with the dialysis and opted to go for transplantation.

MediGence Team:: What was the age of the patient?

Mohit: 59

MediGence Team:: So how did you get in touch with MediGence, and how was your first interaction with us?

Mohit: We were searching for options online for Kidney Transplantation. So we found them there. We sent an inquiry to them initially and were immediately contacted by them. They informed and guided on all the aspects related to the surgery ranging from the top destinations available to the top hospitals for kidney transplantation. So after getting all the information, we decided to go to Medicana Hospital in Turkey.

MediGence Team:: So why did you choose Medicine Hospital in Turkey as your preferred choice of hospital for Kidney Transplantation

Mohit: Firstly, Medicana Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey for Kidney Transplantation, and secondly the package cost for Kidney Transplantation was to our liking compared to other hospitals.

MediGence Team:: Great. Other than that how was your experience related to the documentation process, legal compliances, and other such compliances? Any feedback on that for us?

Mohit: In that aspect, MediGence had helped us in applying for the Medical Visa, they had given a recommendation for the agent who can manage and facilitate other travel documents as well. However, the travel agent could have been better. He was not able to manage our requirements at first. Later on after closer coordination with him and the team we were able to resolve all the issues. There was another task of getting approval from the embassy which was a very long and tedious process.  So people need to be prepared for that as well.

MediGence Team:: Ok. Apart from this how was your experience at the hospital?  How about the doctor and the staff present there in Turkey?

Mohit: The hospital in Turkey (Medicana Hospital) was very good. The staff was very friendly. The doctor was also very good and we highly recommend him for the treatment. Apart from the travel arrangement, and the embassy, everything else was very good. The doctors we very cooperative. The hospital staff was very cooperative. Everything was very well managed.

MediGence Team:: Finally how is the patient doing? And how about the doctor? Are they recovering well?

Mohit: Yes, the donor has recovered very well. On the 24th( of May) the operation took place. And on the 4th of June, he was back in India, and by the 8th of June, he was back in work.

MediGence Team:: And how about the patient, your father?

Mohit: The patient is also doing well, he has recovered well. However, he is still not working. He needs to stay away from infections for the next 3 months. So he is right now still in an isolated area. So that the hygiene level can be maintained in that area.

In Turkey they tell you that you can go back to your job within 15-20 days, however, there is a stark contrast in their atmosphere and our atmosphere back here in India. The pollutions levels in both countries are also huge. You should look to avoid all of these things for at least 3 months post kidney transplant surgery if you are living in India. Because your immune system becomes very weak. They give you a lot of medications to improve your immune system. So you need to stay away from infections as much as possible.

MediGence Team:: Any final feedback for team MediGence?

Mohit: The feedback for Team MediGence is very good. Dr.Guneet (co-founder, and Director of Patient Relations) she was very helpful. They helped and responded immediately to all of our queries. From arranging the Visas to the Hospital Stay, all of it was from their end with utmost sincerity. No matter whatever the hassles were in the embassy or the hospital they were ever-present to sort out the issues. As abroad in different countries, we have no one to guide and support us, so in those times it is vital to have somebody like MediGence who can provide solutions to your problems.

MediGence Team:: Thank you so much, Mr. Mohit, for all the feedback, positive and negative. We will definitely take into account all the issues that you have highlighted and work on improving them.

Mohit: The most important and positive here was that at the end of the day the life of the person was saved. The treatment was very good. MediGence never ever asked us for any advance payment. They were there throughout our medical journey. They were not greedy about the financial aspects of the treatment or journey. And we are thankful for that.

MediGence Team:: We are thankful for your feedback. Thank you again!

Amit Bansal

Amit Bansal is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and CEO of MediGence. He has more than 17 years of strong technology experience. Having worked for some of the recognized companies in India, Australia and traveled worldwide to help businesses to grow multi-folded under his leadership and strategic guidance.

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