Samuel Underwent Kidney Transplant in Max Hospital, Ghaziabad, India

Samuel Underwent Kidney Transplant in Max Hospital, Ghaziabad, India
  • Patient Name : Mr. Samuel
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Kidney Transplant
  • Hospital : Max Super Specialty Hospital, Ghaziabad, India

“I am extremely pleased with the treatment results and the treating physician. I want to express my gratitude to the physicians and nurses of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Ghaziabad -India outstanding care. I sincerely appreciate the assistance that MediGence has given. I appreciate how fast Medigence got back to me to assist me in getting priority appointments and airport pick-up arrangements. Additionally, I express my gratitude for Medigence’s professionalism and assistance with my medical care.”

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Samuel , a 33-year-old resident of Mauritius who was having issues with his kidney, had been advised to have a Kidney Transplant Surgery by his local physicians. He was open to making the trip to India to get the surgery. At that point, he made the decision to speak with a transplant nephrologist and to seek treatment at the Max Super Specialty Hospital, Ghaziabad, India. Mr. Samuel arrived in India on 11 December 2021 and underwent kidney transplant surgery while hospitalized for seven days. The patient traveled with his wife and his mother, who was also his donor. India is known for not just its culture, history, and architecture but its healthcare infrastructure as well. This makes it an attractive location for medical visitors in addition to its superb healthcare infrastructure. The Max Super Speciality Hospitals was established in 2015. It is a medical facility with multiple specialties. Being NABH and NABL recognized certifies the hospital as offering high-quality care.

The patient chose to be treated by Dr. Manoj Singhal and Dr. Anant Kumar, renowned transplant surgeons. Dr. Manoj Singhal has more than 21 years of experience in his field. Numerous disorders, including polycystic kidneys, renal failure, end-stage kidney disease, and glomerulonephritis, are treated and handled by the specialist. Dr. Anant Kumar has 35 years of experience in urology and kidney transplantation. He specializes in robotic-assisted urological surgery, reconstructive urology, andrology, laparoscopic urological surgery, as well as urological oncology and laser urological surgery.

Pre-treatment and Treatment Process

Mr. Samuel was advised by the doctor about the requirement for preparation and the risks associated as he was being admitted to the hospital for surgery. This was essential because the patient had been eager to have a kidney transplant surgery. Additionally, he conducted the recent conditions that needed to be addressed first. This was followed by a successful kidney replacement surgery for the patient. Necessary tests to determine his suitability for the treatment. The testing included a medical evaluation, blood samples, an EKG, a stress test, and a chest X-ray which were required to assess whether the patient was healthy enough for surgery and whether there were any conditions that needed to be addressed first. This was followed by a successful kidney replacement surgery for the patient.

Post Treatment

The patient experienced no post-operative difficulties, and the surgery was a total success. The patient received assistance with his travel from the hospital to his home after surgery so that he may recover in the nation as the doctor had prescribed. Including the hospital stay, the patient was in the nation for a total of 30 days. Mr. Samuel  made sure to come for the follow-up consultations that MediGence scheduled after the treatment. He received assistance from the organization with lodging, transportation, and travel plans.


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Last modified on at Mar 11, 2024

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