Success Rate of Brain Tumor Surgery

Success Rate of Brain Tumor Surgery

On average, around 308,102 brain or spinal cord tumor cases were identified in 2020 around the globe. A brain tumor develops when the cells in the brain begin to divide abnormally.  Currently, there are a wide number of strategies that could be employed to treat brain cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Surgery is one of the most common treatments employed for treating brain cancer. In recent times, due to advanced surgical techniques, most of the complications posed by surgery can be mitigated, thus improving the survival rates of brain tumor patients after surgery.

Factors Influencing the Success of a Brain Tumor Surgery

Several factors can influence survival after a brain tumor surgery such as the size, type, and stage of the tumor, gender, and age. Usually, younger patients tend to have higher chances of surviving after a brain tumor surgery (Modafinil). Also, low-grade tumors can be more successfully operated. The type of brain cancer that a person is diagnosed with can also impact survival rates. For instance, brain cancers like oligodendroglioma, ependymoma, and meningioma have better chances of being treated as compared to others.

The Success Rate of Brain Tumor Surgery

Some clinics in the US report a 30-day mortality rate of 0.3% as opposed to the national average of 1-4% after brain tumor surgery. In India, the survival rate for brain tumor surgery can range from 35-75%. These figures are usually collected from a large group of people. These may vary according to your specific case and your response to the treatment. It is important that you talk to your neurosurgeon or neuro-oncologist to understand how beneficial surgery will be for you. Taking proper care after surgery is also essential to ensure that the procedure is successful for you.

Avail Brain Tumor Treatment in Different Countries


Surgery for treating brain tumors has advanced significantly. Patients today have the option to avail minimally invasive treatments that lead to lesser pain and better outcomes. Thus, it is important you discuss all possible surgical options for your brain cancer with your neuro-oncologist to choose the best treatment for yourself. If you feel like your area lacks advanced surgery for brain cancer, you can even consider traveling to another country to receive the best care.


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