The Success Rate of Microdiscectomy

The Success Rate of Microdiscectomy

Microdiscectomy is a fairly common procedure used for treating leg pain. The procedure has been successfully used for removing the portion of the herniated disc that is stressing your nerve root. Thereby helping in relieving the pain you may have been experiencing. If you are planning to undergo a microdiscectomy, it is important to discuss the success rate of the procedure with your spine surgeon. This is important as your condition and case history can influence how successful the procedure is for you.

How Successful is Microdiscectomy?

Traditionally, surgeries for treating herniated discs involved making a large incision. This led to longer recovery time and more pain after the surgery. Thus, affecting patient outcomes. However, with microdiscectomy, the surgery can be performed after making a small incision. This has improved the success rate of the procedure. If we talk about the results, in general, microdiscectomy has a success rate of about 80-90% as reported by various studies. After this procedure, the patients are able to return to their normal activities promptly. This also leads to higher satisfaction among patients even several years after the surgery.

In countries like India, the success rate of microdiscectomy is around 84%. This high success rate can be attributed to the availability of world-class hospitals and well-trained surgeons in India that are able to execute the surgery seamlessly. This has also made India one of the most preferred destinations for availing microdiscectomy by several patients from other countries around the world. In Turkey, the success rate of microdiscectomy stands at 80%. The possibility of reherniation is also very less and is around 1%.

When it comes to countries like Dubai, microdiscectomy is successful in helping about 95% of patients with their pain.

A Competent Surgeon- The Key to a Successful Microdiscectomy

One of the crucial elements of a successful microdiscectomy is a qualified and well-trained surgeon who can execute the surgery flawlessly. Before undergoing the surgery, you should ensure that the surgeon is a highly-qualified medical professional who is board-certified and has sufficient experience to correctly perform the surgery. You can also read reviews to find out about such experts in your area.

Through our telemedicine platform, you can avail consultations from any corner of the world with our spine surgeons. Thus, we ensure that the best healthcare reaches you. Also, we can help you with medical travel if you are planning to avail of microdiscectomy in another country of your choice. We aim to make your travel completely free from hurdles by assisting you at every step of the process. Whether it is accommodation or airport transfers, we will be by your side.

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Due to several advancements in medical science, the success rate of surgeries such as microdiscectomy has improved significantly. The procedure leads to lesser pain and faster recovery. You should talk to a spine surgeon to find out if the treatment will be successful for you.

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